Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Cardinal Christmas Ornament

We rarely buy Christmas items these days. Since we moved from Milwaukee we left all things Christmas behind except for one box of shiny bright ornaments and the stocking my mom knit for me when I was a baby. We usually get fresh greens and hang them around the house. This year we were going to our friends home for dinner and thought it would be nice to bring along a little something. We thought an ornament would fit the bill. So we went to a little Christmas shop in McLean after brunch. We looked to find just the right thing. After searching for a few minutes the cardinal ornament just stuck out from all the rest. It looked so pretty against the snowy backdrop. I like snow in pictures and on objects or on TV - but not the real thing anymore! I've always liked cardinals, and birds, so we decided on this one. Based on the reaction of our friends, it was a good choice. They added it front and center to the already beautiful tree. So if they are anything like us they will remember who it came from - which is the best part of the season!

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