Saturday, January 30, 2016

Neighborhood Iron Works and Charming Sights

Since we are STILL snowed in, and our car is far from free of getting out of a street parking space, our usual Saturday routine of brunch in McLean was impossible. But living in a walkable neighborhood with restaurants and shops within walking distance is a plus - even though we feel trapped here without getting in to our car and driving to the wide open spaces. So we walked down to Tortilla Coast for brunch and then took a short walk around the neighborhood before returning home. What stood out today were all the ironworks - the black gates and fences really were showcased against the now tiresome white - and dirty snow piles. They come in all shapes and sizes - rounded, pointy, intricate, simple, broken, well maintained. But I liked the cat in the window staring out at us and the outside, and all the birds devouring the feeder filled with delectable foodstuffs. Little round lights on a tiny tree were masquerading as snowballs behind it's iron entryway. It was bright and sunny and almost warm - but still not enough to melt that disgusting ice surrounding our car. I suppose blizzards and storms are good for the soul? I'll take the heat and the sun any day! 

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