Friday, February 19, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Tribute

We took our usual daily walk, but this morning we went by the Supreme Court to see the activity around Justice Scalia's lying in state. The doors were not yet open to the public and the line wrapped around the street between the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. Obviously there was a lot of press and cameras and spokespersons. They were interviewing people in line. We are planning to return later in the afternoon or evening to go in and pay our respects. When you live two blocks away there really is no excuse not to participate in living history. We went to President Ford's lying in state in the Capitol rotunda, and to see Senator Kennedy's funeral motorcade procession in front of the Senate chambers. It was rather damp and dreary today. I suppose that's how funerals are supposed to be? It is quite a sobering and solemn experience regardless of who it is. 

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