Monday, March 14, 2016

Driving and Blogging Don't Mix - A Record Broken

For the first time in almost five years, I was not able to post my daily blog for two days in a row. Usually I find the time to get it in but this past weekend was unusual. We were taking a drive to Lynchburg, and I was driving. My husband usually does all the driving, and I sit in the passenger seat working on all my social media sites - my Facebook page, Instagram, tumblr, fine art America, etsy  - and my blog. But since my sister was with us this time, my husband sat in the back seat. That left me no time to do anything - including taking photos - both going there and coming back. And once we hit our destination, we were running around with our family members. So today is a retro blog that highlights the few minutes I had to take photos at the Craddock Terry Hotel, during a short back seat drive for breakfast yesterday with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background, and a quick look at Poplar Forrest. We did spend time at the warehouse in downtown to see the updates of a huge renovation that will eventually become a residence. The view from the roof is amazing. Daylight savings doesn't help either, and the rainy, misty drive home was tiring. We don't travel well at all, and are thrilled to be back home. So my schedule starts again - and I kinda like it that way. 

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