Saturday, March 19, 2016

Thanks Lisa Schrieber and Wagtime!

For about four years I have been displaying my custom pet portraits at the Wagtime shop on Capitol Hill across from the Navy Yard. Thanks to Lisa Schrieber, she has allowed me to use this space as my "gallery wall." Since my paintings are hand done using my iPad, they are digital all images. When customers order portraits, the end result is a jpeg image. So this gives me an opportunity to print and showcase my art at a great place. Wagtime also produces a monthly newsletter and I was thrilled to be mentioned front and center. I just want to thank Lisa again for letting me use this space and also for promoting my work. Last Christmas was a really busy time and I was finally able to change up the display a few weeks ago. It gives me an incentive to keep doing what I really enjoy. Thanks Lisa and Wagtime!

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