Thursday, May 12, 2016

The RNC and DNC Are Right in our Neighborhood

We take a walk just about every morning and you never know what you are going to run in to. We also live just a block or two away from the RNC and the DNC. The roads get clogged and blocked for a variety of things ... and I have a feeling it may happen a lot more over the next several months. As we took our usual path towards the Library of Congress, the photographers and reporters standing by were focused on the front and the side of the RNC, waiting for a glimpse of a anyone newsworthy. This time it was Trump or Ryan. So we hung around as we usually do when these things arise - the last time was for the Obama motorcade at the Sewell Belmont house a couple weeks ago. If I was still working at the library I may have gone to the south windows of the building to watch below. People were watching from windows from the alley and surrounding neighborhood. What's interesting is that the RNC has alleyways behind it and a parking garage below it. Where everyone thought they would get a good photo or story never happened as there were several decoys. If nothing else, we'll watch the news and see if we show up anywhere . We were on C Span at the Scalia viewing at the Supreme Court, and at the senate armed forces committee hearing.  When the hub bub was over, we walked to Pets's for our weekly brunch, then headed over the the Capitol. There were a bunch of congressional staff talking about DC statehood, and a demonstration about nursing ratios in front of the Senate side. In between were large groups of visitors and school groups. The police presence was not unnoticed. It's just another day on Capitol Hill - which is the reason my husband loves it so much. 

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