Monday, October 10, 2016

Who Wants to Park Here?

Since we moved to DC over ten years ago, one of the things we miss the most is a driveway and a two car garage. A lot of people who live in the rowhouses have a slab or a garage behind the home, but one needs to enter through a very tiny alleyway space. We don't have that option, so we need to find room to park. Generally it works out most of the time. But lately, with undue never ending construction and baseball playoffs, the parking gets even more limited. Like magic, a space opened up for us after we unloaded our groceries yesterday. But across from us someone was going to have a time getting out of the spot he was in. There maybe was a couple inches between the bumpers on both ends of the car. I think all the license plates were from DC. You do need to be a magician to get in and out of some of these places, but this take the cake. What I would like to know is who parked first?

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