Friday, November 25, 2016

Ginger Ale - Too Many Choices!

Last year when we went home for Christmas, my mother talked up Ginger Ale. I usually drink Diet Coke, but for no particular reason. And it's not that frequent. There are just days when you just feel like a soft drink. So we tried the diet ginger ale and really liked it. I'm not quite sure why - it simply tasted good. Since then, we only drink ginger ale at home - but a lot of restaurants don't always have it. So now we have been experimenting with all the different ginger ale brands - Canada Dry, Seagrams, Harris Teeter,  Schweppes ... but we really like Canada Dry diet the best - the regular is too favorful! One of our recent house guests was just converted too since the refrigerator was full of it. So whenever we see two for one sales on the twelve can packs at Safeway or other grocery stores, we get it. Last week we tried the 99 cent huge bottles of both the generic and Canada Dry, and the Canada Dry won out. Now the question is - why not get the large bottles over the cans all the time? So much to think about!

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