Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Persophilia - Persian Culture on the Global Scene

It seems like we have been going to the Library of Congress a lot lately. Last week we went to a jazz music lecture with out of town guests, and a Persian literary history event the week before. Today we went to another lecture in the Middle Eastern Division at the beautiful Jefferson Building. This program was about Persophilia - Persian culture on the global scene. My husband obviously is more interested in these topics than I am, but I go along to keep him company and hopefully get a thing or two out of it. And so it was. I am looking forward to the next program about the Great Gatsby on film, but unfortunately have a conflict with another program scheduled tomorrow that I would have liked to hear. In the end it's such a great venue for these types of things. And I like it so much more since I retired from the Library this year!

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