Friday, February 3, 2017

Hirshhorn Other Collections

We walk just about every day on the national mall. This promenade takes us by the Capitol, US Botanic Garden, Smithsonian Museums, and the Hirshhorn. There is a new exhibit at the Hirshhorn that showcases orchids. We went in to see the flowers the other day. But before we left, we checked out the third floor to see what was new. Unfortunately the second floor was closed as there was a new installation in process. Neither my husband nor I are in to art museums. But when we do go through one, I like to pick out the more interesting shapes and colors that attract my attention, and post them on my blog, Instagram and tumblr. We particularly liked the giant sculpture that looks like a real human - only much larger. He vanished from the scene for awhile and recently made his return. Some of the iron work and metal sculptures are quirky; while some of the paintings are of colors I prefer. The view overlooking the mall is quite nice. It's enjoyable to be able to walk through these places on a whim, without a huge crowd, during the week. So as long as we walk about, there are plenty of options. This one was a treat.

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