Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sackler Iran Plates, Bowls and Vases

We were hoping to walk through the Freer Art Gallery yesterday but it is closed for renovation through the later part of this year. So we decided to check out the Sackler and see what was new. We have been there several times before. We lately have been making a habit out of visiting the Smithsonian museums on the mall while on our morning walk when there are no crowds. And this is a good time before the huge spring break buses arrive - but this morning we are already starting to see the hoards of students. So, after visiting the Turquoise Mountain exhibit about Afghanistan artists, we stumbled across some of the Persian collection of plates, bowls, and vases on our way out. We stopped to see them as we both really like the patterns and colors, and my husband is genetically connected! It's hard to believe these items were made all those years ago. Some of them look brand new. I'm not sure which museum will be next - but American history is on the top of the list.

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