Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Monks in the Monk's Room

Every square inch of space is needed when you live in a tiny house. When we turned our 70x76 inch catch all closet in to a tiny bedroom - or monk's room - I made a list of all the things it would need to be cozy, comfortable, and whimsical. Obviously, some signage or representation of monks was noted. Luckily the room has a huge window and high ceilings, which makes it all the more pleasant. I have an Etsy shop for digital art, featuring custom pet portraits. I thought it would be nice to support another artist for this unusual request. So I searched Etsy on the word "monk" to see what might come up. As soon as I saw Diana's Dolls, I found what I wanted. They were 2 1/2 inch porcelain penny dolls handcrafted by Diana in Ohio. There were three of them - one laughing, one praying, and one singing. Since they were so small I got all three. They arrived yesterday in particularly cute packaging with the history of the penny doll enclosed. I found the perfect spots for all of them...sort of a "where's Waldo?" approach. If you look hard enough, one can be seen upon entering the room on the shelf next to the plant; another is above the door frame looking down from above inside the room; and the last one is in the corner behind the door next to the window. When the door is closed and you are sitting on the bed, there he is. Neither my husband nor I care for nick nicks, but we thought this was a cute idea. I actually like gnomes more. But that just isn't the point here!

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