Saturday, July 15, 2017

Coach Edie Shoulder Bag 31

I don't believe I have ever had a Coach purse. I usually preferred Cole Haan products and they lasted a very long time. My first Cole Haan purse and shoes came from Michigan Avenue in Chicago when we were visiting there from Milwaukee during Christmas. It was nice to get inside a store and see real merchandise. The Cole Haan store closed at Tyson's here a while back, so I haven't been enticed to look. Last week when we were in Macy's searching for a bed topper for the twin rollaway bed in our monk's room, we looked at the purses there for the heck of it. Since Macy's isn't doing so well, everything is on sale with additional discounts for a variety of reasons. Our topper was half off and the prices were comparable to Amazon. We found a really nice purse in a blue color - something I have never considered in the past. But since I am retired, things change! So we walked the mall and checked out the official Coach store for comparison. There were a couple things we liked there, but not worth the price. So we went back to Macy's and found another bag we preferred even more in a nicer color, with a great discount. We also got a cross body bag in the same color for times when a big purse isn't needed. I've used the new Edie Shoulder bag a couple of times so far and really like the weight, the strap, and the little lock on the center zipper compartment. I have a feeling it will last a long time - which is the way it should be.

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