Sunday, July 30, 2017

Facebook Marketplace

I use my iPad to hand paint pet portraits. I have an Etsy shop, a Fine Art America shop, my own website, and showcase my items on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. I also have a gallery of completed portraits at the Wagtime shop. So I was intrigued with the idea of selling services on Facebook Marketplace. It sounded like a great place to offer pet portraits! Yesterday I added two items for custom hand painted digital pet portraits. I selected arts and crafts for the category, added photos, filled in the required information and submitted them. Both items appeared immediately in the feed, but within minutes, I received notice that my items "weren't approved." I filled in a form to explain the item, but haven't heard back. I checked the policies and there didn't seem to be any conflict. They were pictures of animals, but I am not selling animals, I am painting them! Perhaps digital products without the intent to sell on Marketplace? But I do intend to sell services and a product. Encouraging unauthorized access to digital media? It just doesn't make sense. In any event, if the concept of Marketplace is to promote the idea of connecting people to but and sell a product or service, I am really disappointed. No, it's not an old table or chair, but it is a good and service. I have a feeling I will never hear from them. Does any one have a clue?

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