Monday, July 17, 2017

Magic Sliders or Felt Gard?

We have wood floors in both our one bedroom and studio condos. We don't want to scratch them or make unnecessary noise, so we always put felt gards on the chair legs and table legs. It would be nice if our upstairs neighbors had the same wherewithall. We wish they would do the same so we wouldn't have to hear their chairs scraping across the floor upstairs - particularly when you live in an 1890's building with no insulation. Anyway, the felt gards don't seem to last very long. They sort of deteriorate, don't stick very well, and shift out of place under the chair leg. We came across a product called Magic Sliders, and I thought I would try them the next time the felt gards needed to be replaced. Well, today was the day. They immediately felt like a better product than the felt gards when I unwrapped them, cleaned off the old residue on the chair leg from the felt, and stuck the new ones on according to the directions. I suppose I could have gotten a bit smaller size, but they fit okay. The chair actually does slide easier on the floor and the Sliders look better. I think the Magic Sliders are more expensive, but they will be worth it if they last longer.

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