Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sleep Rite Intra Nasal Breathe Aid

I have been wearing ear plugs at night over the last forty years. If I didn't, I would not get any sleep. Since we moved to DC, my husband has suffered from nose congestion due to medication, air, mold, dust, etc. There is no rhyme nor reason for it. And it doesn't matter anymore if we are on vacation here or overseas. The environment doesn't seem to make any difference - except it seems to get worse at the change of seasons. What is ironic is that the snoring is much less when he is congested - which is good for me, but unfortunate for him - becasue he can't breathe. A while back - and with much skepticism - we found a sleep rite intra nasal breathing aid that seemed to help open up the nasal passageways. The nose strips did not do the job, but this item did. For whatever reason, we have not been able to find replacements for it lately - not at Walgreens and not at CVS. There were other products available, but they were specific for snoring and not for nose congestion, so he was reluctant to try them. So of course, we checked on Amazon and there they were. Two packages of nasal breathing aids arrived just in time as the last one was about ready to be thrown out. It must be miserable feeling like you have a cold all the time. So if there is anything out there to relieve the distress it is worth a try.

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