Thursday, July 6, 2017

Subaru Forester Service Best Time

Having just completed a whirlwind cross country trip to Washington State and back to DC, the Subaru Forester put on about 6,000 miles. That meant it would definitely need an oil and filter change when we got back. Since we were close to a major tune up time, we didn't know if we should schedule that or just the minor work. Since the oil and filter requires no appointment, we drove to Beyer Subaru in Alexandria. It was the best decision we could have made. It was the day before Fourth of July, on a Monday, and the place was deserted. It turned out we did need the major tune up, and because of the unusual circumstances, they could fit us in the schedule. The gentleman who helped us was really good too. We were the only people in the waiting area for quite sometime, and the car was ready long before they said it would be. The service guy even came out to tell us the car was about to get washed and it would be about fifteen minutes longer. They even vacuumed the carpets. All I can say it was the best visit we had at the service station, and having it done the day before a holiday was an even better idea. Thanks Subaru!

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