Tuesday, July 25, 2017

US Botanic and Smithsonian Gardens

For the first time in several weeks the high heat and humidity finally broke. That means that our morning walk could finally go back to the usual routine towards the national mall rather than union station. When it is in the high digits and there is a soupy atmosphere, we walk in the air conditioned union station and find all the shade paths to and from. A water bottle is a must. What I miss most about our walk on the mall are the Smithsonian and US Botanic gardens. There is always something interesting in bloom, and it is fun to see the changes in the gardens as the seasons pass. We were not disappointed today. Everything looked fresh in spite of the heat - the heavy rains must have soaked everything enough to maintain a reasonable apprearance. The fountains were bubbling and the vegetable gardens were finally producing. For those who don't have a yard to sit in, these places are the perfect spots to find a bench and rest awhile. It's not going to stay this pleasant for very long. I'm so glad we are able to enjoy it while it's here.

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