Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Skeleton Halloween Party on Prince Street in Alexandria

It was a sight to see. Our morning walk took us to Old Town Alexandria - a favorite place of ours over many years. Even before we moved to DC, we visited Old Town. When we lived in DC we oftentimes went there for lunch. Since March we don’t visit as often, just for a ride and back from our new home in northern Virginia. The Halloween party on Prince Street is something to behold. After getting past all the road construction, we made it to the cobble stone street where Halloween is a big tradition. After all, the city has been around for a very long time. One can only imagine all the famous people who walked along it. Several of them may have been represented - or actually shoes up -  at the skeleton party that extends along several homes. There they were - climbing all over the house fronts, the sidewalk, the fences - above us, in front of us, and behind us. It probably looks much spookier at night. There were horses and dogs, and hands - swords, pirates, ghosts, chains and huge spiders and webs. The brick backdrop made the skeletons stand out even more. It was worth the ride and the walk over to see it. Someone has a sense of humor - it’s something we could all use a little of now. 

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