Thursday, March 23, 2017

Capitol Hill Dental Group

Most people hate going to the dentist. I hate it more than most people because I had TMJ surgery thirty five years ago. Keeping my mouth open for extended periods of time can be brutal, especially if additional pressure is applied. Grinding teeth at night necessitates wearing a night guard - and even then I wake up with sore joints. Luckily I have not had too many problems since having surgery, but I dread seeing the dentist all the same. I take aspirin prophylactically to avoid the for certain ache afterward. I always ask for an experienced hygienist, and usually get one. Since I chomped down on a peach pit last summer, my bite is a bit off and one side is more sensitive than it should be. So yesterday I made my way about a block down the street for my appointment to Capitol Hill dental group. We have been going there since we moved to DC because it is so convenient. No X-rays were needed on this visit, just a routine six months check. Even with basic health and dental insurance with additional dental coverage the expenses are rediculous. The charge was $192. I paid $34 and the rest will be billed to insurance. Since it is the beginnnig of the year, I know we haven't fulfilled the deductible. But don't you think the toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are worth that much?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fragers Garden Gloves

The other day we cleaned out the shed on the patio. When you live in a small space, every inch counts. And we use just about every inch of our tiny condo living area. But things and junk still continue to accumulate no matter where you live. So it was time to give the heave ho to whatever we hadn't touched in over the last two years. That included painting materials and plastic covers, and ripped garden gloves. But unfortunately, some things need to be replaced. So on our morning walk we headed in the opposite direction that we normally take to Fragers hardware store. It's about twelve blocks away and a decent enough walk - but now we had a specific purpose. So we wandered about and found a huge selection and picked out a pair like the ones we had. They needed to be thick enough not to get stuck by Rose bush thorns, and strong enough to withstand digging in the dirt. Now we need to get cracking on the in door closets. There is stuff in there we haven't used for even longer periods of time. We just need to find the energy to do it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Patio Shed Spring Cleaning

We had a two car garage in the Midwest. We have streetparking in our Capitol Hill neighborhood. We also had a good sized patio, and luckily for us, we actually have a patio here in DC too. That is quite unusual for an 1800's building. So we take advantage of the space because you simply can't fit everything you own inside a tiny living place. Even though it takes up some square footage from the patio, we had a shed built to fit up snug against the fence. We use it for all the gardening equipment, and a place to store our luggage. It also houses the cushions from the outdoor chairs during the winter months. We did have covers for the seats, but decided it's easier to store in the shed especially when it rains during the rest of the year. So, as all things go, junk starts to accumulate and it was time to clear out the stuff that we didn't need anymore. Yesterday was a bright and sunny day to do the task so we unloaded all the contents on to the seats, threw a bunch of it away, and organized the rest all in the way it was intended. We do need to get a new pair of gardening gloves, and that's about it. Now we need to tackle the indoor closets for the same reason. Being in such a small place necessitates this cleansing activity at least every few years! Now we just need to find the energy to do it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tulips Replace the Orchids in the Wall Vase

In a tiny space it is still nice to have fresh flowers in the room. We used to have a vase of flowers on our kitchen island all the time when we lived in the Midwest. But since we moved to DC, that has not been the case. But in our tiny place we decided a wall vase would be the perfect solution for adding a bit of color year round, and experiment with different flowers and arrangements. It is the perfect spot at Christmas time to add just enough greeenry and even lights to the corner. In the summer I add my own garden flowers which makes it even more meaningful. A few weeks ago we added an orchid, and it actually bloomed all the way down to the last bud. Last week the remaining petals fell to the floor. So while we were grocery shopping I picked up a bunch of red tulips and some greens. So this week it is tulip week - just in time for spring and Persian new year - Nowruz. We really like living in this tiny space and don't miss the fuss and time it takes to keep a big house running. And this little bit of added color hits the spot!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thank You Suzan Breaz, Twin Elms, and Tatiana

She was born February 13, 1996 and lived to a ripe old age of 13. We had searched for quite some time trying to find the perfect dog. We visited several dog shows and met breeders and talked about borzoi. We knew this would be the prefect pet for us...we preferred larger dogs, furrry dogs, and quiet dogs. When we walked through the Borzoi areas at the dog shows, we never heard a sound. What was cute and unexpected is that because they are so tall, they tend to lean on you for support. We miss this dog a lot, and have been tempted recently to consider getting another one. So, for that and whatever other reason I was searching "Tavaf Tataiana" the other day on the internet and came across Tatiana's pedigree, and it is quite impressive. Tatiana comes from a long line of Borzoi from Twin Elms. The breeder we knew was Suzan Breaz, from Indiana. She always promised if we ever wanted another Borzoi she would find one for us. We even stopped by the farm to visit a couple of years ago and brought a few bags of treats for the pups. But the saddest thing is that when I was searching, I also came across Suzan's obituary. This was completely unexpected and stung us to the core. We just want to thank Suzan, and Dave, for connecting us to this wonderful breed and offer our sincerest condolences to both the human and pooch family. We will miss you.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Clos du Bois Wine Deal at Safeway

We drink a half a glass of red wine every evening. It's a habit we have had for quite a while. We used to drink Clos du Bois Cabernet when we lived in the Midwest. Since we moved to DC ten years ago, it hardly mattered what brand or where we got the wine. Lately we had been going to the total wine store and looked for bottles in the ten dollar range. But since I've been going with my husband for grocery shopping, I've been noticing the prices of wine in Harris Teeter and Safeway. Plus it saves us from taking another trip to the wine store. Today when we were in Safeway in McLean to pick up some Tide high efficiency detergent for our LG washer/dryer combo, I noticed the Clos du Bois. It was originally marked at $19.99, reduced to $11.99 for a single bottle, and $9.99 if you get a set of six bottles. So we got the cardboard holder and filled it with six. At the register, we also got a 10 per cent discount for buying any six bottles. So what usually would be around $120 turned in to $60. And those six bottles will last a long time in our house. I asked my husband if he liked the taste, and he said yes. Me, on the other hand, can't really tell the difference. And the price was right.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Anacostia River and SE Waterfront Yards Park

When we first moved here ten years ago, the only new - and huge - building on the SE Waterfront was the department of transportation. After that, the Washington Nationals ball park became another major inhabitant. Following that were new "rowhouses," an ice skating rink, and restauarants. One of the nicest improvements is Yards Park. It's a lovely venue to walk along the waterfront, take in the scenery, and bring the family for water and music entertainment. It's been awhile since we walked that way, so we decided to take a turn. A lot of the ground breaking high rises are about ready to get occupied. The noise of construction persists. It's predominantly steel and glass all around. A pair of ducks were hanging around the canal, the seagulls were hanging around the docks, and the rowers were practicing along the Anacostia. A helicopter was flying overhead observing the very congested bridge leading in to town. The area and vibe is not my cup of tea, but we are glad the new developments are very much underway. How things have changed in such a short period of time. Wonder what the next ten years will bring?