Sunday, April 26, 2015

American Plant - the Cucumbers and Tomato Plants Are In!

Who doesn't love flowers? My husband would ask "who doesn't love tomatoes?" Having been away for a week on a trip to Florida made a huge difference in our tiny patio garden. The yellow flower vine is attracting huge bumble bees, and it is the vegetable planting season. We always leave enough space for one tomato plant and this year I'm squeezing in a cucumber. In Milwaukee, we had to wait at least until Memorial Day to even think about planting anything. I was beginning to think we would need to do the same here given the cold temps lately. But today was brilliantly sunny, and we took a ride to American Plant to pick up a couple things for the garden pots and the small planting garden, but the real reason was to get those vegetables. The daffodils and tulip leaves are still cluttering up the tiny space, but I stuck some cosmos in between them. The clematis vine is already taking over the place so that was cut way back - enough to fill a garbage bag. The southern exposure is a bonus - aside from the fact that we even have a patch of land to plant anything. And now the wait begins. Every day my husband will check on that tomato plant and I will check on the cucumber. It's sort of a ritual every year, and a very tasty one. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Back Roads of Virginia

Having been on the road for the last few days driving to and back from Florida, sometimes the interstate can be annoying with all the trucks and traffic. Leaving is tolerable, but returning is difficult.  Approaching DC from Virginia can be challenging depending on the time of the day. The fast pass lanes are always heading in the opposite direction so we don't have a chance to try them out. So after lunch right past Richmond, we thought we would get on Route 1 and drive through the back roads. Initially it was smooth sailing at 55 miles per hour and no traffic. But as we reached Spotsylvania or thereabouts, the easy ride changed to stoplights and even more Friday afternoon congestion. You can still feel the south with all the Civil War markers and familiar confederate names while riding on the Jefferson Davis Highway. After passing by the University of Mary Washington, we decided to head back on to I95. There were a couple hot spots but otherwise we made relatively good time. It reminds me of any trip we took from Milwaukee and needed to return through Chicago. It too was a nightmare regardless of the time of the day. I guess as long as you're taking road trips you need to expect both the fun of it and the irritations. Luckily, the fun is more frequent. And it sure beats flying if you like the open road. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

New Jersey It Is

Aside from Maryland and Virginia license plates, the most frequently seen state seen around DC is New Jersey. I don't know why it is but whenever we are out and about it is very noticeable - and even parked around our neighborhood. So as we were traveling to Florida last week and are now on our way back this week - guess what? New Jersey is still the most frequently seen license plate. Massachusetts was giving it a run for the money on the way down, but Jersey handily came up in front. I'm not sure why that is - it's just an observation. Got any ideas? Or do you think we're making it up? Regardless, it reminds me of our family trips growing up and was a subject that kept us occupied. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Polish Deli - Pierogi, Kielbasa, and Head Cheese?

There are no Polish restaurants in DC. There were several in Milwaukee and Chicago. While in St. Petersburg visiting my parents, we try to stock them up with Polish delights since they no longer drive. There is a Polish Club somewhere that I know we went to a few times when we were kids, but I'm not sure about any sit down places. So we went to the Polish Deli located several miles away and looked around. There was a good selection of pierogie, and different kinda of kielbasa, cookies, and cakes. But what took me by surprise was the head cheese. Apparently my mother used to eat that! Actually her dad had a grocery store in Massachusetts and made all this stuff and more. I think I'll pass on it, but I'm glad she was able to find what she likes. And wouldn't you know the pierogie came from Chicago. What's with DC? I guess we'll have to make due with Mrs. T's. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Trip's Diner in St. Perersburg

Food is served in large portions it seems when we travel to Florida. Today we tried a new place we have never been called Trip's for breakfast. It was a lot like a place we go to in McLean every Saturday. It is the first place the waitress used an iPad to take the order rather than write it down and then enter it in to a computer. Or worse yet, hear the order  and forget half of it. It was very busy, but we beat the lunch crowd. The waffles were very good and we all liked the place. One of my mother's friends introduced it up her, then my sister tried it when she came for a visit, and now this was our turn. It was just enough food and not so much to have to bring anything home. It was a nice change and we would highly recommend it. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thanks DC Blogs

I've been blogging for almost five years about living in DC compared to the Midwest and a lot of subjects in between. I write something every day whether we are home or away. Every once in awhile one of my entries grabs the attention of DCBlogs and it gets mentioned on their site. I usually notice it because the stats for views increases. I never know what subject it might be but I always appreciate the attention. This time the subject was about AAA service for a flat tire. It's bad enough to happen at home but a lot worse on travel. So I always thank DC Blogs for noticing an entry and tweet about it. Then they notice the tweet and I favorite it. So thanks once again DC Blogs. Now I need to think of another subject you might like - preferably a more pleasant one. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Searching for Eyewear Holder and a Dollar Tree Store

Who would have thought finding the string to attach to glasses would be so difficult. My dad lost his glasses at "the home" where he now resides and we thought this might be a good thing to use to avoid future mishaps. I'm not near my computer to order things on line - which I prefer to do.  We are on travel away from home and already had a flat tire that required AAA. So we brought the tire with the nail in it to Sears for repair and patch. So to waste time we looked around for the string at about seven different places. Several were closed because it was Sunday. We didn't go to the mall, but drove around to CVS, Marshall's, Michael's, and even a dollar store. We found a couple different ones - for a dollar. But what I really wanted was in CVS - the second CVS. In the end we brought the new eyewear string and my dad didn't like it. His glasses didn't feel right and he kept taking them off. So much for that strategy. Now we have several strings and no use for them. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be practical because at the age of 95 not much is.