Sunday, February 17, 2019

VHSL Track Wrestling State Championship

Last year we surprised our grandson by showing up for his high school wrestling state championship tournament in Norfolk. He was a freshman and the first from his school to go to state as a freshman. He didn’t win, but he always does because of the effort he puts in to it. This year he is in a different weight class and got to go to state again! That in an of itself is a huge accomplishment. But this year we couldn’t go so we followed his progress on Track Wrestling. I learned about the website last year. You can find out everything you want to know about the event - the matches, the teams, the mat assignments, the brackets, and the wrestlers stats. It’s pretty impressive to see it all. I grew up watching my brother play baseball. He was a left handed pitcher and was drafted by the Orioles out of high school. It didn’t pan out, but was a great experience for him. Watching wrestling is grueling - it’s just you and your opponent. Although my brother had a line drive smack him in the eye and he came home with stitches. All I can say is all sports build character. It worked on his grandpa, his dad, and now him. At this time I still prefer being the observer. Our grandson is turning out to be a very nice young man. Maybe wrestling has a part to play in it all. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tyson’s Galleria

For whatever reason we needed to be out of the house today from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon. We usually go out for breakfast every Saturday morning at McLean family restaurant followed by grocery shopping. So we could still do that. But what else would we do to fill the time? So we drove about and decided to see where the French restaurant was located that my sister has made reservations for her birthday later this month in the Falls. After that we had breakfast and then drove to Tyson’s Galleria to walk, but then to sit for awhile to pass the time. Both my husband and I brought our iPads to stay occupied. The view is rather bland. There are people milling about but the Mall doesn’t do much for me. But given the circumstances it’s not a bad option. We first came to Tyson’s Galleria when we moved to DC thirteen years ago. My hairdresser/stylist in the Midwest told me to go to a Vidal Sassoon Salon for a haircut until I found someone in DC. Since then we have taken route 123 millions of times. It’s nice that Tyson’s is close by but I wouldn’t want to live there. It reminds us of Northbrook near Chicago that we frequented regularly. For us, McLean is a favorite location. Maybe one day it will become more than that. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

DC Driver’s License - Again!

We just went to the SW DMV station to renew my drivers license two months ago. I couldn’t renew it on line because I needed the new required upgraded version. You need to bring documents for citizenship, social security, and two forms of ID for DC residence. It was packed when we arrived so we had to wait in line for quite some time. So my husband’s license expires next month. But after a certain age you need to get both medical and vision documentations filled by your primary care and eye docs. So after about a month of back and forth we finally had all the required paperwork. So yesterday we walked over to the same DMV office. It was empty! My husband walked right up to the desk, and got the paperwork to fill in. Before he could even finish it, his number was called. So I waited in the waiting area that soon began to fill up. It didn’t take too long but my husband said he got a brand new employee that had to ask someone for help for everything. All I care is that he finally got his temporary license after some issue with the property tax bill that shows our address. Anyway, what took me twice as long to get through took him no time at all. That seems to be the story of our lives. He is the roadrunner and I am Wiley Coyote - even when it comes to renewing your drivers license. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Capitol Hill Architectural Styles

We headed east toward another part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood on our morning walk. It was a lovely sunlit day and everything looked shiny bright. The more familiar town houses were lovely - the type of structure one thinks about in this area of town. But what was unfamiliar to us when we first moved here thirteen years ago was any thought of a more modern take on today’s living. I may be wrong but I thought one needed special dispensation to construct or even change anything that didn’t meet strict historical Capitol Hill standards. So it was surprising when we came across a couple of new builds that looked completely out of place. They seemed like they really belonged somewhere else. My idea of a great house is one that looks old but the inside is completely new. What do you think? 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Car 54 Where Are You? on Amazon Prime

I stumbled across it when I was looking to save a few shows to our Amazon Prime video watchlist. Car 54 Where Are You? was a show we watched when I was a kid. The theme song reverberates in my head and is as familiar to me as it was then. I still know the words. And I remember Toody and Muldoon in our living room. We oftentimes would lay on the floor with pillows under our heads in front of my parents. My dad had his own leather chair and the best view. He LOVED television and always had the latest set he could find. We would be able to get a color tv if my brother, sister and I came home with all A’s and B’s. I think he would have gotten that color set anyway. So it was with a great feeling of nostalgia that we watched the show last night. It was very clever and funny and I laughed out loud a few times. Even the commercials were interesting to watch. We used both Prell Shampoo and Tide Detergent - the power of marketing. Fred Gwynn became a favorite of ours on the Munsters, but also as the judge in My Cousin Vinny. I think I am my father’s daughter - the best television and watching fun shows in the evening with my husband. We still use Tide detergent. (Photos were taken off our TV screen)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Westminster Dog Show Hounds and Borzoi

We watch the Westminster Dog Show every year so we can get our Borzoi fix. We had a beautiful Borzoi named Tatiana when we lived in the midwest and we miss her very much. It’s a rare sight to see one in the DC neighborhood though we have come across one or two in the last thirteen years. I’ve jumped out of my car to stop and see the lovely creatures and talk to the owners. We’ve also gone to a few dog shows just to see the hound group. So last night we watched the hound group on Westminster. For whatever reason it seems the Borzoi is never talked up like other breeds. Of course we consider that quite insulting! Unfortunately our favorite didn’t win the group but at least was selected in the final bunch. That is one thing I really miss about living in the Midwest. That dog was just plain wonderful. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

National Borzoi Rescue Foundation

We had a Borzoi names Tatiana. She was simply delightful. It’s been over 13 years since we lost her. But I’ve been keeping up with Borzoi stuff from Instagram, dog shows, and following the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation on Facebook and their website. We applied for a rescue a few years back but we decided not to go ahead at the time. We worked with Carol Backers - who is retiring from her post after many years. I was asked to do a couple of custom portraits for her and was pleasantly surprised when those images were used on her Facebook retirement notice. In fact, one of the images is used on my business card. So thank you Carol for all the wonderful work you did for the most elegant breed of pooch out there.