Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gillette Mach3 Fusion or Turbo

Buying shaving equipment is getting to be confusing. My husband has a Gillette Fusion handle. When we were at the grocery store, he wanted to replenish the blade supply. So he picked out what he thought was the right combination. When he went to exchange the used blade for the new, he realized that he had blades for the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. Of course, they are not compatible with the handle. So I took photos of what he had - the Gillette Fusion - and hoped it would help us the next time we looked for his shaving supplies. I would have ordered from Amazon but he wanted to see for himself. So at the grocery store we needed to find a handle for the Mach 3 turbo, but didn’t need a lot of blades since we already had them - by mistake. We found the Mach 3 turbo handle with one extra blade that will now last for awhile. My husband didn’t want to get any more blades for the Gillette Fusion model he originally had after all. All I can say is is that it is difficult to keep the razors and the replacement blades straight unless you pay close attention to the name of the product, have photos of it, and take time searching for what you need. Now we have two sets of everything. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Tunnels, Bridges, and a Lot of Water in Virginia

The real reason we drove to Norfolk Virginia was to surprise our grandson and his mother by showing up to watch his state wrestling tournament. It was also our daughter in law’s birthday so we would have an opportunity to catch up and celebrate. We have never been to this end of Virginia - or Seven Cities - so it was a great way to spend the weekend. We have been to Williamsburg and Yorktown, but we never went all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Having grown up near and around water all my life - Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Lake Michigan, and the Potomac River - the area seemed familiar. But I didn’t care for all the combination tunnels and bridges along with the obvious military influence. There were shipbuilding facilities, a huge international port with millions of containers, passenger trains, and noisy aircraft flying overhead. But there was just too much water! We rode along the coast and the Atlantic Ocean which seemed really spooky observing it at night from eleven stories above. A statue of Neptune shone in the night sky. I’m sure the place looks different in the summer months. I’m glad we went but have a feeling we won’t be going again - unless there is a really good reason. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The First Daffodil

My husband dislikes them, but I love seeing them. After a snowy afternoon yesterday, I wasn’t expecting to see a lot of anything when we took our morning walk to the National Mall. But then I remembered that it was almost 70 degrees last week. When we approached the unusually crowded air and space museum someone was taking a photo of the first pink blooms of the year. And when we reached the gardens by the Hirshhorn Museum, there was the first daffodil! A layer of melting ice and snow was visible along the way, but every bud or flower in the colorful mix was a sight to see. The gardeners place little signs that identify the flower and this lovely yellow bulb flower is fittingly called “February Gold.” Mixed in between the greens and sticks were a few winter pansies. This is definitely the time to be in town because every day promises something even more lovely. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the sun. What a difference it makes. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tulips Don’t Last Long Enough!

We have a wall vase that is used all the time to put an ever changing array of flowers in it. Last week we picked out some longer stemmed tulips for Valentine’s Day - a few red and a few white. I always cut the stems so I can arrange the flowers in a more “stylish” way and add other greens, sticks, and twigs to give it some volume. I even have a cut rooting philodendron mixed in for a leafy feel. Usually the bouquets last about two weeks. But this time they hardly lasted one week. For whatever reason the longer stemmed tulips, combined with the radical cut, really curtailed the blooming time for this bunch. It was pretty disappointing. Luckily we don’t wait just for holidays and special occasions to fill the vase. It always looks the best when I use the flowers from our tiny patio garden when they are in season. So it looks like we will need to find another bunch the next time we go grocery shopping. They always have something interesting at a reasonable price and it makes the room feel so homey. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

State Wrestling Meet at Churchland High School

I have never been to a state wrestling meet before. On Monday we thought it might be a good idea to get away for the weekend, celebrate our daughter in law’s birthday, and watch our freshman grandson compete in the Virginia State tournament. And the idea was it would be a surprise. So we made our way to Churchland High School in Portsmouth by way of Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Suffolk. We thought it might be cute to check out the gym last night for scales and practice, thinking our grandson would be there - but he wasn’t. They decided to work out at a YMCA instead. In the end we did eventually have dinner with our daughter in law, and watched a full day of tournament action in a very packed gymnasium. Unfortunately this weekend event didn’t turn out like last weekend - he was the first freshman to ever go to States from his high school - but we were thrilled to be a part of it all. The time flew by observing all the “chaos” of the event. It is such a grueling sport - but it definitely builds character! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Westminster Dog Show and Hounds

We don’t watch all of the Westminster Dog Show every year, but we always catch the hound group. And the only hound we are interested in is the Borzoi. For that matter, the borzoi is the only dog we are interested in. We had a Russian Wolfhound and her name was Tatiana. She was the most elegant and lovely pooch. You hardly knew she was in the house. But she would come up to you and snuggle by putting her long snout under your armpit! Everyone admired her because she was so different. So we were rooting for Lucy to win the big ticket as we were watching the finals last night. Unfortunately she didn’t win, but she for sure was the most elegant among them! What’s even more interesting is that I just got a notice that someone from Japan bought a T shirt with my hand painted digitalart image of Tatiana from my Zazzle website. Lucy is from Japan, so maybe....? Anyway, I’m kinda glad Lucy didn’t win because everyone would want a Borzoi. I remember when we picked Tatiana up from the breeder in Indiana all those years ago. She said the Borzoi are like potato chips - you can’t stop at one. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

US Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Six Degrees of Separation

If you search long enough or have a conversation long enough with someone you can oftentimes find a connection. I have stumbled across three very interesting incidents: a high school friend and the US Senator who lives on our street; a relative in Iran who is friends with someone who worked at the Library of Congress where I retired from two years ago; and a colleague from China at the Library connected to the Chinese President. I have watched the Olympic Games now and again but never knew anyone who played - until now. A colleague of mine from the Midwest who is on Facebook was promoting his niece. So, I know Ted; Ted has a cousin; Ted’s cousin has a daughter; Dani plays on the Olympic women’s ice hockey team. She scored a goal against Finland and the team won. Now they just beat the Russian athletes. Maybe one of these days I won’t need to take this coincidence outside the family. I have a cousin; she’s got a daughter; she’s winning a lot of medals skiing and going to special schools and training for her event. That would be an even more interesting connection, but not exactly the same as six degrees of separation. But it is more personal!