Friday, August 26, 2016

LensCovers Sunglasses Replace Prescription Sunglasses

My prescription sunglasses are easily 12 years old or older. I got them in Milwaukee at our favorite Optix shop. Since then, my prescription has changed a few times, but I never updated the sunglasses. So whenever I wear them, it's a bit blurry, and there are no bifocals. Sometimes I end up with a mild headache from the stress of it all, especially when it is boiling hot with a full sun. And when we are walking and end up inside, I don't have my regular glasses to switch off. So walking in Union station - to beat the heat - can be a very dark experience. For whatever reason I started researching flip ups for my husband, who refuses to wear sunglasses. In doing so, I came across LensCovers sunglasses and read all the comments, most of which were quite positive. So I followed the sizing instructions and ordered up a khaki colored pair for about $15 - a lot cheaper than prescriptions! They arrived yesterday and I was quite surprised how well they fit, and looked - considering they are really cheap plastic. But the real test was on today's walk in the boiling heat and full sun. For the first time in MANY years, I could actually see things clearly, there was much less glare, they are extremely light, and they covered more face space than my old ones ever did. The nicest part was that all I had to do was remove them when I entered Union station, and didn't need to fumble around to change them with my regular glasses because I was already wearing them. My husband tried them on for fun and they worked for him too. I've gone from wearing contact lenses and stylish sunglasses to prescription sunglasses and now to LensCovers. It's a great option for walking and driving. They are simply quite practical. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

How About a Garage for $73,000 on the Barracks Row Heritage Trail?

We get the Hill Rag every month to learn about the goings on in the neighborhood. One of the sections we look at is the real estate activity. It is not uncommon to see million dollar plus homes routinely bought and sold on Capitol Hill. But two of the line items this month took us aback and we had to look twice. There were two garages sold on G Street SE to the tune of $70,000 plus each! This was so odd, we needed to actually take a look at where this place was. We understand that parking is a premium around here, but this was outlandish! So we headed on out on our morning walk and took a different path to reach this destination. Walking along G street, you need to turn off on to an alley and wind around to a row of garages in a very odd location. And there they were- two "active" garage spaces with a sign not to block them. It was dreadful walking around there in the daylight. I can only imagine how it must be at night. If the walls could talk, I am certain a lot of interesting things must have happened around here. I think I would prefer reading about it than actually living anywhere near it. I'd love to know who would purchase this space, and why? Any ideas? It's on the Barracks Row Heritage Trail - but there must be more to it. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ExOfficio Underwear

Who knew there was underwear that eliminated the need to pack two weeks worth of daily wear for an extended trip, or could be washed and then it dries within a couple of hours? I'm sure everyone else out there already knows that. But we didn't, because we either never thought about it, or never felt the need to think about it, and aren't outdoorsy types - nor have we typically traveled for many days at a time. But because of this extremely hot summer, the fact that I retired six months ago, and the idea of traveling more than usual, all contributed to us learning about this stuff. Who ever thought that nylon and polyester are the materials of choice? I suppose you could say it started at LLBean when I was swapping out my professional wardrobe for much more casual "hiking" garb for the concrete jungle we walk in every morning. Everyone we spoke to had only the highest regard for the ExOfficio brand. So I ordered two of each item for myself and my husband. We won't know the true value of this underwear until we test it, but I do know it's a lot better than cotton that pretty much stays wet and never dries. It's a whole new world out there, and it's much more exciting than work. That's the one thing I am most certain about. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hooks & Lattice Window Box Beauty Contest on Instagram

I post five Washington DC photos on Instagram every day. It's rather easy because we walk every morning and there is always something that captures my interest. Along with those, I add one digital image of a portrait that I am just starting, working on, or finishing. It's one of many social media sites I try to keep up with. Yesterday I received a notice on Instagram if I was interested in winning a $100 prize for a window box beauty contest sponsored by hooks and lattice. All I had to do was respond "yes" on the image that was noticed. It's of a grey townhouse/rowhouse that really stuck out a few weeks back because of the several matching window boxes on both stories, and the well manicured flower arrangements contrasting against the house color. First of all I am flattered that they noticed! I'm sorry I didn't know about this earlier because the weekly contests end on September 29. Now I'll need to keep my eyes peeled for window boxes. It would be a treat to win, but getting noticed was just as good! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Neighborhood Bernese Mountain Dog

A few weeks back, we were on a morning walk and we came across a sweet Bernese Mountain Dog puppy a couple blocks from our house. It's the corner home with an iron fence around it. On a nice day, it's the perfect spot for a pooch to relax, and get a LOT of attention. He was lying in the dirt, and was very receptive to having his photo taken. After that, we didn't see him at all. I was guessing because it was just too hot, that the household was on vacation - but also concerned that something dreadful happened to him - or even worse - he was snatched out of his yard because he was so nice! I also noticed that the dirt where he used to sit was transformed with rocks, but there were three water bowls sitting by the stairs, which was a good sign. But it was my husband who said my friend was back. And there he was today, a little bigger, his tail wagging, welcoming all the attention - not just from me, but anyone who passes by and stops to say hello. I'm certain the owners must get a kick out of having a celebrity. Whenever I see him I miss our dog even more. It's been over ten years, but she is still unforgettable. It's nice to have a pup in the neighborhood. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Sunday Morning Walk in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood

For the first time in very many days, it was overcast. So we brought along a small umbrella and headed out for a walk - but decided to stay closer to our house in the neighborhood in case it started to pour. So we walked north toward Union station, then east a couple blocks. Things always look very different in the "shade" rather than the bright sunlight, and photos oftentimes turn out a lot nicer. Aside from all the flowers that are starting to look like the season is ending, there was a sign for a lost pooch, a stack of bricks for a sidewalk that already looks fine, a very old jeep type of vehicle, four story side by side townhouses that look exactly the same, whimsical garden ornaments - including gnomes - along Duddington Street, a basketball court in the alley with the rim attached to the wall of the house, lovely window boxes filled with ferns, doors above a garage that lead to nowhere, and a basement or storm shelter door that can be entered from the street rather than inside the house. You can tell this neighborhood has been around for a very long time, and we often wonder how long we will stay in the neighborhood. It definitely has a charm of its own. As long as we are able to walk and talk we think, but who knows?