Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gingko Gardens Tomato Plants

It's that time of year again. Although it doesn't feel like it today with almost cold, dreary and cloudy skies, the planting season - for us - has begun. We used to have a large garden for vegetable growing in the Midwest.  But since we moved to DC, we at least have a patio with a garden space, and enough room for a couple of tomato plants, and more to my liking - cucumbers. We went to Gingko Gardens in the neighborhood for a house plant last week, and while there my husband found exactly what he was looking for - two tomato plants. They didn't have any cucumber plants so we will need to find them elsewhere. He was eager to plant them immediately and the wait now begins for usually large plants and a fairly good sized crop. Things have been sketchy the last couple of summers with unusual heat, and no tomatoes. So we are hoping we have better luck this year. It's always fun to have a couple of things in the garden. It's even better when they actually produce something edible!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

IKEA Soknedal Wall Mirror

When we went to find some 12x12 inch mirror tiles at IKEA for the new "monk's room," my husband was enamored with the Soknedal wall mirror. I didn't think it was the right fit for the tiny bedroom, but he liked the style. The little room needed a frameless mirror to reflect the huge window across it,  not something with a frame and shelf. So we ended up getting both, and it worked out well. After we picked the mirror up from the self service warehouse, we were on our way. The mirror came in a flat box and needed to be put together. That wasn't the hard part. The hard part was hanging it on the wall in a great living room space right outside the tiny bedroom. Since it is a brick outside wall, we didn't have the tools to drill in the screws. So we called our handy man who came immediately to help. It took a couple tries to get it straight, but it really adds to the space. We finally now have a tray for my husband to keep his keys on during the day. Anything we get for this tiny space needs to be functional. But it also helps when it looks nice.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Bed, Bath and Beyond Inter Design Suction Cup Sink Center

It's not the kind of thing you would put in a bedroom, but when it's a monk's room, anything is a possibity. We turned our 70x76 inch closet in to a tiny bedroom. In order to make it functional, a few things needed to be added. Once the nine 12x12 wall mirror tiles from Ikea and undercounter battery operated lights from Home Depot were installed, the Zinus rollaway twin bed with RH pillows and throw put in place, and the greenery and painting placed on the shelf, there was about one thing left to do. A small armoire for towels and sheets and a guest goodies basket needed a small shelf or basket on the side of it to house an iPhone or whatever. So we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to find something with suction cups. There were a couple of options and we found one in the kitchen section. A small basket made by Inter Design could work - it was a better size than the OXO item, but maybe not as good as the option from the container store. So we decided to give it a try. I stuck it on the side of the cabinet and waited 24 hours before putting anything in it. Then I loaded it up with a heavy screwdriver and other objects. It didn't fall down - a good thing! Since there is such a huge window in the tiny space we can actually call it a bedroom. It actually looks cozy, and hopefully functional.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ginkgo House Plant and Container

We just turned our 70x76 inch closet space in to a "monk's room" in our studio apartment. It is just big enough to squeeze in a twin size rollaway bed. So our visiting guests can use either the double size wall bed in the main living space, or the cozy bedroom with a large window. In order to make it even more cheerful and bright, we went to Ginkgo Gardens in the neighborhood in search of a container and house plant. There are still two large storage shelves and a clothes rod in the room. They are still used by us for out of the way storage on the top shelf, by guests for extra pillows on the first shelf, and the rod for hanging clothes. Gingko's always has interesting items, and we found the perfect black and white pot that goes along with the black and white throw and pillow. But to make the room "pop" we went for a lovely bright green philodendron plant. It all goes with the Persepolis digital art print that I painted, and the battery operated undercounter light shows the tiny space off in the evening. Now all I need is a wall clock for the foot of the bed, and perhaps the black out shade that we have on all the other windows. It all looks so much nicer than the closet - and is certainly more functional!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DC Spring - Azaleas, Dogwood, Tulips and Ducks

It was almost warmer in February than now, but definitely warmer than March. The cherry blossom crop was half ruined by the wierd freezing temps. The poor magnolias were completely frozen out. It's been hotter than heck already, but then cold the next day. One thing is for sure - the ducks are pairing up, the dogwood are in full bloom, the tulips abound, and the azalea season is underway. This is the first walk we took on the mall today after visiting Florida last week. It was only in the 60's with rain sprinkles, but was best sort of lighting for outdoor photographs. The pair of ducks at the Smithsonian American Indian museum had the whole fountain to themselves, as did the pair at the US Botanic Garden. The well known buildings of DC were flanked by tulips; the Hirshhorn gardens were filled with bright colors; and the neighborhood was awash in all things spring. It's a beautiful time to live in the city - but don't tell anyone.