Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Medical Supply Store, Polish Deli, and Home Depot

Visiting Florida is not really a vacation. It's more of a visiting your elderly parent and make sure she is as comfortable as possible. And so it was this time. We visited the medical supply store to get the brakes checked on a walker, made an appointment to have a grab bar installed on the doorframe of the house, got a small light weight transport wheelchair for the days when the walker is too much work, and replaced and installed the elevated toilet seat. Then it was on to the Polish deli for some head cheese, pierogi, and other assorted delights - some things unique to a special palate. We tried to figure out how to get a sensor light for the car port, but by that time I was drained and there was no one to help us at the Home Depot. Someone else can take care of that. In the end it feels good to have done all the stuff, usually after haggling about it for a few days. Luckily I still have the opportunity to pay back after all these years. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sam Snead Oak Grill and Tavern

We were there one time before a couple of years ago. Sam Snead's Oak Bar and Tavern must have been memorable, or we wouldn't have made reservations nearby just so we could have dinner there. It was nothing more than a burger and a fish fry, but it was quite good - and very busy! I really don't know much about golf or Sam Snead, but we liked the Tavern feel and the atmosphere. It was also near Savannah, where the accents are very strikingly southern. I always find these sorts of things so charming. Having lived in the Midwest for thirty years, my accent is more like that, while my mom still has a Boston twang. My husband, on the other hand, has a Persian's hard enough to learn a language, but the accents can throw anyone off! And while working in healthcare, we interacted with people from all over the world. Living in DC and working at the Library of Congress also provided access to people from countries all over the world. But I digress...Sam Snead's place was good!

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Italian Place in Alexandria

While traveling down Washington Avenue in old town Alexandria a couple months ago, I noticed construction on a side street next to a gas station. I didn't know what it was. It looked like a house. Turns out is it a new Italian market and subs place. So on our way home from our Subaru checkup, we decided to stop in and see what was up. We ordered two of the featured subs and a meatball sandwich or grinder, picked up a couple bottles of wine, and some pesto sauce. The proprietor was very enthusiastic and the back story can be found on Google. Was it any good? I think we should have eaten the subs while they were warm. We saved them for dinner, so they weren't as good, although the meatball sub was. We didn't notice the soup and bread option, and would go back and try that. We like to support neighborhood business when we can so we will give it another try. It was also raining that day - things always seem better on a bright sunny day. We hope they do well. It's another option for the lunch crowd and it's in a good spot.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bald Eagles on the GW Parkway

When we first moved here ten years ago, it was not uncommon to see bald eagles routinely flying around the George Washington Parkway. There was even a famous couple called George and Martha.  But over the years there seems to be a paucity of them. However, occasionally one can still see the remnants of the huge nests that are built to survive the most wicked weather. On our way to the Subaru dealership the other day in Alexandria, we took our route along the GW Parkway. There is an eagle's nest near the golf course just past Old Towne heading east. In the spring there were eagles in the nest, and it was a treat to see one observing the surroundings in the tree limbs while the other was nesting. We haven't been this way for awhile. So it was with unexpected delight that we saw two eagles sitting next to each other on a branch above the nest that has been used for so many years now. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared to see them and took a couple photos just at the last minute. Maybe one of these days we will finally get a closer look. In the meantime, it's such a joy to see the huge birds in a not so wilderness like environment. Let's hope they like their home as much as we like having them here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LLBean Return Policy

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a wonderful three in one all season coat from LLBean on line. This was after I tried it on in the store at Tysons in Virginia to get the sizing right. And I waited for the 20% off sale and had a $10 coupon on top of that. For whatever reason, we thought the large was the right fit, but when it arrived - it was much too big. I should have known because it seems like medium has been the right size all along for most items. So I checked the return policy and noticed how generous it is, and is another reason to shop at LLBean. So yesterday we exchanged the coat for a medium - which was the last one available in that color. Unfortunately when we returned home, I noticed that the security device on the sleeve was not removed. We thought we heard a ringing noise when we left the store yesterday, but didn't think much about it, and no one else noticed either. So I called the store and asked what we needed to do, and said we would return today for the device to be removed. I am hopeful that this coat will be everything it says it will be after all this back and forth and three trips to LLBean. Since I retired in February, LLBean has become our favorite place for every day wear, particularly for our daily walking and casual clothes needs. And the color was different from my typical work related attire. We are lucky to have a bricks and mortar store in the area, and the drive to McLean is very pleasant. So what will we need next? I'm sure we will find out sooner than later.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Subaru Check Up and Traffic Headaches

Since we took a cross country trip to California and back in September, we put a LOT of miles on our one year old Subaru. So before we take another trip, we needed to get the car serviced. It's easy enough to make the appointment on line and then get reminders about when it is. But that also means a trip to Alexandria and a major headache to get there. Since we need to wait for the car at the dealership we need to get there at least by 1000 AM. That puts us in rush hour traffic - something that I try to avoid at all costs. And it is raining and dreary to make it worse. Since I retired in February, I have not had to get up on a schedule very often,  but had to get up earlier than usual this morning to make the appointment. Well, we got there on time, leaving an hour ahead to travel seven miles. Ah, the joys of living in the big city. Thank goodness it only happens once in awhile.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Capitol Christmas Tree From Idaho

As is usual, we took our morning walk with the intent to stop at the Botanic Garden to see the trains. But something else caught our eye. There were a lot of police and the roads were blocked. And out in the distance was a very long truck with a very large tree on it. So we headed over to where all the activity was and watched as the US Forrest Service, the Architect of the Capitol, and a host of other helpers hoist the Capitol Christmas tree from the flatbed of the truck using a very large crane and taking a lot of time. Once it was off the truck, the extra branches were cut away and the cleanup began. One of the rangers thoughtfully distributed tiny snippets of evergreen branches to the bystanders. We waited for awhile to see if they would ever move it to the final show place in the middle of the Capitol Grounds. But something was wrong with the balancing mechanism of the forklift and crane so we decided to leave after almost three hours! It was interesting to see the flatbed truck with the Idaho license plates collapse in to a smaller version of itself via a logistics phenomenon. My husband was more interested in watching that! So we will need to visit the trains later this week. But this was a great excuse to wait.