Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Between A Car and Another Car

I have been on a mission to create as much street parking for the neighbors as possible. To that end, I wrote to Tommy Wells about ten spaces across from our house that were free for the taking. Thanks to his office, they are now zoned as permit 6 or pay parking. Because it can be a challenge to find just enough space if we only had a couple more inches, we noticed that people don't pull their vehicle to the end of the row. So I went about making cards that can be slipped on the windshield to remind folks that being a little more considerate would be greatly appreciated. It seems the last month has been more difficult than usual to find parking, and I am not sure why. Things can get pretty nasty... how is this guy going to inch his way out of that parking spot sandwiched in as he is? There is no room to move either forward or back. This does explain why so many bumpers are dinged and bumped, completely out of frustration. Some new signage went up for residents parking only on one side of the street. We actually got a couple more spots out of that deal because the bus stop was simply too big. In the end, I wish I had my Wisconsin two car garage and long driveway. But this scenario is the best reason not to buy a new car, which is why we are hanging on to our seven year old Subaru as long as possible.

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