Friday, December 31, 2010


Because the parking is so tight, every inch of space counts. "If only they parked a couple inches closer to the end where the sign is, we could have parked there....."  It may not seem like much, but those few inches make such a big difference.


In the cold and windy Midwest, we were used to having a two car garage to park our vehicles. The thought of not having a garage in our new neighborhood was frightening! It's really not that hard to find parking spaces in the neighborhood. But it may take some time to eventually find a spot. Some folks just think their car should have privileges over others, in spite of the obvious sign. The funny thing is- they think parking at the end of the driveway makes it all "OK!" Here's one excuse: "I understand that the driveway is just for loading but I am waiting for my husband to come home after dropping my brother off at his post because I cannot drive a manual car...  if you need it moved immediately and you wouldn't mind driving it out of the driveway please call me"  How about parking in the right place to begin with? I don't believe I've seen one car towed.  So much for signs. So glad the emergency vehicles haven't needed to use the space!