Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother Duck & Ducklings at The American Indian Museum

Nothing creates a crowd more than a mom and her babies. In this case, the mom, dad, and many ducklings in the pool just in front of the American Indian Museum did just that. The youngsters especially enjoyed the frolicking bunch. It was such a brilliant day, the water sparkled and the ducks seemed to enjoy all the attention. We used to go to the bakery and get the stale bread and take it to the pond to feed the ducks in Connecticut and Florida. Just about everyone in my family likes animals and feathered creatures. So it's always nice to see how much enjoyment they bring to kids of all ages and nationalities. What I find somewhat humorous are the foreign travelers who are totally enamored by the squirrels and stop to take photos of them. We are so used to seeing them all over the place, but they are a unique item for a lot of folks. And the best part is is that they are not in a cage and free to roam about. It's the little things that mean the most.
A beautiful afternoon

They caught his attention

And the attention of a few more

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Although winter would be a better time to visit to get out of the cold, we decided to take a spin through the Hirshhorn Museum today because the exhibit looked and sounded visually interesting- even though I would have preferred to stay outside when the weather was so perfect. I'm not one for art museums per se, and don't spend a lot of time gawking and observing and contemplating. I pretty much look and keep moving. But there was something unique about the exhibits here- and they were particularly pleasing to the eye- which was the idea. It was enchanting to see the whimsical selections as we moved from floor to floor, and the views of the Mall were magnificent from the third floor. After the American History Museum, I would have to say that this may be one of my favorites. I still think the most interesting scenes are the visitors and locals alike as we walk about. There was a beautiful Asian young woman with a violin strapped on her back who had the most gorgeous porcelain complexion; a perfectly groomed chow chow who looked exactly like his master sitting in front of the Smithsonian Castle; and an official looking chef who brought his in house grill to the outside and made hamburgers to order by The American Indian Museum. Unfortunately I missed those photo ops. But I know I won't be disappointed because we always have so many great opportunities here on the Mall - and that is the one of the most visually stimulating experiences!

Suprasensorial- and it was indeed
It felt like Space Mountain
Interesting to say the least

The people inside the "color rooms" looked lost
Walking through this blue stuff was different

A section of the Sculpture Garden

He looks real enough, but giant sized

A 3D experience
Couldn't resist

A great view from the third floor

Visitors of all ages and sizes- wonder what influence it may have?

A lot of functions are held here- I can see why
Chasing after my husband

A great sculpture exhibit- the kids love it

Mom and baby

Really cool

Through the mesh screens overlooking the courtyard

They are right

Uniquely displayed
Even the building is a piece of art

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Palisades Salt & Pepper

One reason we travel along the Whitehurst Freeway in Georgetown, up along MacArthur Boulevard past Canal Street in the Palisades is to go to Sibley Hospital. It reminds us of Elmbrook Hospital in Brookfield in Wisconsin- away from the huge medical centers and nonsense. But today we drove that way to try out the brunch at Salt and Pepper. Along the way is Georgetown, the Urban Ecology Center, and an interesting neighborhood. As the city slopes its way toward the canal, the houses either sit atop hills with huge stone walls in front, or are built below the sidewalk level with a bridge of sorts to reach the house, depending on which side you find yourself. We enjoy the ride back and forth, and are glad we can avoid the Georgetown traffic by taking the Whitehurst freeway, even though it is an extremely ugly structure. The brunch was good, but I think we like the dinner more. But nothing beats Alexandria as far as I am concerned.

Arlington, Va. across the river

The Bridge from Arlington in the distance; Georgetown on the right
along the Whitehusrt Freeway

M Street- right to Georgetown; the Exorcist steps on the right;
an inflatable balloon atop a hockey fan's house 

Georgetown University Hoyas
The Palisades
Not sure what this is but it reminds me of a sludge plant we saw
in a biology class
Salt and Pepper Restaurant

Matching coffee mugs

Perched up on a hill behind a wall

Hope they have another way of getting in
We've tried the Boat House a couple times -it's "ok"

Or below the sidewalk with a gangplank of sorts

Some really interesting architecture
Part of the "sludge" plant or ecological center

Some really old homes
Along the canal back to Georgetown
Back on the Whitehurst- Kennedy Center on the R

Potomac River scene

One of the worst intersections in town - but a great view

Friday, April 27, 2012

Michele Obama's Target

We were in need of a mug/drinking glass that has a cover. After lunch, we went to Crate and Barrel where we had found one that we liked when we first moved here. But, they did not have anything. As we were also in need of fish food for Moby, we then drove to Crystal City/Alexandria to the Target and PetSmart in the Potomac Yard Retail Center. This is the same place Michele Obama did some undercover shipping a few months back and is also the location of the PetSmart that the President did some dog supply shopping/photo op. It's probably the closest Target to the White House and easiest to get to from DC. As usual, we had luck finding what we were looking for- in fact, there was a huge selection. Since we are not Costco customers,  Target is the next best thing for good buys. That was the same in Milwaukee as it is here. We did not however, happen to run in to anyone incognito. But I guess that is the idea.
Located on Jefferson Davis Highway - we are in Virginia after all

Located at the very end - a new condo/housing neighborhood is
under construction. It is right next to Reagan Airport.

A great selection of whatever you need

Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taking Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day

It seemed to be really busy this morning as we walked to work. Bullfeathers was jammed for a breakfast meeting with Congressional staff, and the streets around the Library were so full of cars that it was difficult to cross the street. I got to the office and started seeing little people walking alongside their parents, and it dawned on me that it was take your daughter or son to work day. Once in the office, I saw a couple more participants- one came by with his very proud father all decked out in a suit and tie- must have been around 8-9 years old. When I went for coffee, I walked past the Montpelier Room on the sixth floor and it was filled to the brim with people. I'm not sure what the program was about- but it was a talent show of sorts. In front of the main entrance doorway was a group of young girls rehearsing their dance steps one last time. As I don't personally participate in this event, I'm not sure of the merit of it all. Let's hope the folks that attended got something out of it. Or was it just a day away from school or a babysitting opportunity? Whatever the case, it sure is a great environement to have it in.
Last minute instructions and practice

What does this have to do with the event?

The place was jammed

This signs were posted throughout the building

The instructor showing one last direction