Sunday, May 29, 2016

Avoid Rolling Thunder at All Costs

As it becomes warmer in the morning, I need to get up earlier to avoid heatstroke during the AM walk. I hate mornings and have developed a habit of getting up at 9:30 AM since I retired in February. But that doesn't work in summer. In the past, we somehow ended up walking later in the day on weekends and have always run in to the rolling thunder mess around the mall on Memorial Day weekend. Luckily, we didn't see a bit of it because it was so quiet at 8:30 on Sunday! After breakfast, we thought we could outsmart the mess, and decided to search for a lampshade that needs replacement and wanted to get to McLean. That was the biggest mistake! Aside from the exit closures because of all the motorcycles around the pentagon, and the baseball game, we were stuck in a big way. So we changed over to the opposite direction and headed to Alexandria to the target store for a few items, then towards Mount Vernon just for the ride and to let the time pass so we could safely return without all the turmoil. In the meantime, we were getting thirsty and stopped at McDonald's for our favorite lemonade - which was refreshing on the way back home. We were going to go out this evening for dinner but have decided against it unless it is within walking distance. It's nice that everyone comes to the city for events and such, but it can be a real pain for the locals. I thought when we left Milwaukee we also left rolling thunder behind. Thanks goodness it's not every weekend - but there's always something else. 

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  1. Highly energetic post, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?