Monday, October 26, 2020

SanDisk, Best Buy, Apple iPad Pro Compatibility Finally Solved

I got a SanDisk thumbdrive before we moved from Capitol Hill to northern Virginia to put as many photos and videos from a variety of sources in one place. It worked well on my old iPad using the lightning connection and the SanDisk app. When I got a new 12” ipadpro, the drive no longer worked because it’s not a lightning drive. I tried getting a connector for it at the Apple store a while back and they didn’t have such a thing. Because I wanted to access and use the photos on my iPad Pro, I figured there must finally be a solution. So I researched the topic and checked the Apple store again and found a USB-C to USB adapter. When it arrived I tried it and it didn’t connect to the SanDisk app. So I contacted Apple and they suggested I get a cable from Best Buy, but before I got it I emailed Best Buy to find out if the “audio” cable would help. They said no. So I then contacted SanDisk and they suggested I get another drive with a USB-C connector. That meant I would have to copy and paste everything on one drive to another using my laptop - something I wanted to avoid. I did that and the drive still didn’t connect to the SanDisk app. Never giving up I contacted Apple again. They set up a phone call with their “creative”department at a convenient time as the problem couldn’t be handled via chat. I allowed them remote access to my laptop and the resolution was right in front of my face, but I didn’t know it. I followed their remote blue arrow directing me to the files app. All I had to do was open the files app, found the thumbdrive, and there they were - all my photos - WITHOUT using the SanDisk app. I couldn’t however, access my videos this way, but can on my laptop and my husband’s older iPad. In the end I didn’t need to buy another drive, and copy and transfer all the photos because when I used the Apple connector with my original lightning SanDisk drive, the going to the file app, it worked. I’m just glad I finally figured it out with the help of an astute Apple support person - the third one. I’m sure they thought I was nuts because the solution was so simple. I use my ipadpro primarily for painting and didn’t realize it had a lot of laptop features like saving files. So I learned something new, but it took quite a while to get there. Now I have another thumbdrive to save more photos on. I suppose that’s not so bad. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bifocal Reading Glasses After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery changes things - and not always for the better. My husband used to wear glasses all the time and liked wearing glasses. In February/March he had cataract surgery along with laser. One lens was for distance and the other was for “intermediate.” Since then we have gone through several “readers” versions since he ended up still needing glasses to read and the ridiculousness of taking them off and putting them back on. We have even been through the strings that keep them around your neck and he hated that. He needed sunglasses where he never wore them before. We have so many glass cases in the house we could start selling them. There are glasses in the car and in the house. In order to get away from the on and off carousel, I finally found a bifocal solution where the top is clear and the bottom is 2.00 strength. At least then he can wear them all the time if he is so inclined. One of them broke in half so we ordered another brand. What I’ve learned from this whole thing is that the simple cataract surgery would be the best and wearing corrective lenses might be easier than what I am witnessing. The sad thing is is that he has perfect vision for everything except reading - which is his major activity. The only advantage is at night where there is less likelihood of a stumble. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

C&H Sugar Cubes

Some things are not easy to come by these days. When you have a cookie, candy, and sweets monster in the house the supplies must be maintained. My husband has a big sweet tooth. He loves chocolate, candy and sugar. He drinks coffee in the morning and tea after dinner. With his drinks he always has sugar cubes. It’s a cultural thing. He doesn’t use the type of sugar that is dissolved in the drink, but sugar cubes that you put in your mouth and soak them up with the tea or coffee. Since we have been ordering our groceries on line since March, it’s been more and more difficult to find sugar cubes. I’m not sure what the big deal is. The only time we were in the grocery store was to get flu shots. Even then when we checked the aisle for cubes they weren’t there. In the meantime I got a box of individual packs of sugar like you find in the restaurant. It’s a last resort. So I searched amazon to find something before the cube supply ran out. It wasn’t cheap, but I decided to get six boxes of C&H sugar cubes as a surprise package delivery. It was like Christmas when they arrived. So we can breathe a sigh of relief for awhile - until the next time. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Home Techpro Rug Gripper

It’s nice to have area rugs on a hardwood floor. But it’s not nice to fall on your face if you catch your foot on the edge of one. It hasn’t occurred, but it’s an accident waiting to happen. Since I am always so keenly aware of my surroundings, things stick out like sore thumbs whether I like it or not. To that end I’ve tried several products meant to keep this issue at bay. Some have been more successful than others. We used a tape in our old condo that was terrible - the residue it left required a special cleaning substance to remove it. So I found these squares made out of whatever spongy material it is that stick to the corners of the carpet. You can easily remove them occasionally to readjust and they maintain their grip on the floor without causing floor damage. I needed them for carpets in the bedroom, den, and dining room. It just gives an extra bit of peace of mind. I replaced a couple of squares and added a few more. Hopefully they will last a while. There is something to be said about wall to wall carpet. But it just doesn’t look as nice as area rugs that define an open concept space better, or showcase a floor. Being safe is a good thing - especially now more than ever. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Saiji Cell Phone and Tablet Stand

It’s nice to have FaceTime, zoom, What’sApp, Skype, and other meeting apps for get togethers. We used zoom for our annual doctor appointment and that worked well. We’ve used FaceTime primarily with friends from the Midwest. For calls with overseas friends in England and France Skype and What’sApp seemed to work better. Regardless of the service used to help us all stay connected, holding the phone or iPad is a real pain - especially when it’s usually for an hour or more. I started propping my iPad on books and hoped it wouldn’t fall off. So I decided to find an alternative and researched iphone/iPad stands. The Saiji stand stood out because it met all of my criteria - could support an iPad pro and an iPhone, had prongs on both sides rather than just lean on a stand, could swivel up and down, could be used in a horizontal and vertical position, could extend higher or lower depending on where you sit, be heavy enough so it wouldn’t tip over, could plug in as it’s being used, and the reviews were reasonable. I don’t have a “desk” set up so we oftentimes use the couch, the dining room table, or the counter. The stand came nicely boxed and required minor assembly. I haven’t used the stand yet, but it certainly works well as far as holding my device. I have a cousins monthly get together this week and will be giving it a try. Anything is better than holding the device in my hands for a long period of time. This might just do the trick. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Skeleton Halloween Party on Prince Street in Alexandria

It was a sight to see. Our morning walk took us to Old Town Alexandria - a favorite place of ours over many years. Even before we moved to DC, we visited Old Town. When we lived in DC we oftentimes went there for lunch. Since March we don’t visit as often, just for a ride and back from our new home in northern Virginia. The Halloween party on Prince Street is something to behold. After getting past all the road construction, we made it to the cobble stone street where Halloween is a big tradition. After all, the city has been around for a very long time. One can only imagine all the famous people who walked along it. Several of them may have been represented - or actually shoes up -  at the skeleton party that extends along several homes. There they were - climbing all over the house fronts, the sidewalk, the fences - above us, in front of us, and behind us. It probably looks much spookier at night. There were horses and dogs, and hands - swords, pirates, ghosts, chains and huge spiders and webs. The brick backdrop made the skeletons stand out even more. It was worth the ride and the walk over to see it. Someone has a sense of humor - it’s something we could all use a little of now.