Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Korean War Memorial

We have visited the Korean War Memorial many times. Our friends from the Midwest visited when we first moved to DC sixteen years ago. One of them had a husband who served during the Korean War. My dad also served after having been in WWII. The site has been under construction for quite some time to add some new features. It now has a memorial pool and a wall of remembrance - similar to the Vietnam Memorial. Today we took our morning walk starting by the WWII Memorial, then walked down the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool. I was searching for water photos for the challenge this week and was hoping to find something interesting. Along the way we stopped by the Korean War Memorial to see what changes were made. The figures on the field were always captivating. It’s simply incredible how many names are engraved on the stone surround including both American and Korean names. There was a steady stream of visitors and it was a beautiful day otherwise. There are simply too many memorials in this town. It’s very sad to walk through it. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

ICU and Cath Lab Photos Look Interesting

It’s been a while since I graduated from nursing school. After getting a baccalaureate I went on to get my masters degree in a clinical specialty but also in nursing administration. I spent most of my career in the administration side. And I think because I liked visuals and gadgets, my clinical experience included the ICU and the cath lab after a bit of time on med surg units. A reunion is planned next month in the Midwest for all of us who worked at a hospital where my husband and I met. I worked there for thirteen years and he worked there ten more years after I moved on to a larger health care system. But the people we met there will never be forgotten. I was rummaging around for old photos and came across two that must have been taken for publication because they were more than snap shots. One of them was taken in the ICU shortly after the new unit opened and I starting working there. The patient was shot in the head. The room is rather sparse with a monitor measuring vital signs and just an IV a running. And I’m wearing my cap and a white uniform. The second photo was from the cath lab. I’m wearing surgical scrubs with head cover and mask. The scene is rather modern looking with the equipment and supplies. We were preparing for a case this day. I find it hard to believe that I was the supervisor and took call - sometimes having to come in in the middle of the night and set the room up. Luckily we always had someone from radiology on call too. Those photos are from over forty years ago! We won’t be going to the reunion but I am reminded of the place and the people. How fortunate I was to pass that way. You can do just about anything with a career in nursing. The sky is the limit. 

Monday, August 15, 2022

52Frames Night Photography

I really didn’t like the subject for the photo challenge this week. It was night photography. And because of my lack of enthusiasm, it showed. I take the photos using my iPhone 8Plus - so there are limitations. For night photos I need to use an app for slow shutter. On top of that a tripod is required to maintain a steady hand. I don’t have a tripod so I use the stand I got for FaceTime. Since the weather was very tumultuous with rain storms, winds and flooding, I preferred to stay indoors rather than drive around in the dark. I did get a couple of decent images from our balcony. But they were just photographs and didn’t do much for me. After a bit of frustration I walked in to the den, sat down on the ottoman, and looked in to the IKEA mirror squares that are plastered on the wall. It was hard to tell if it was taken inside or outside because it looked like a paned window. At first the street scene was posted because it was at least technically okay. But after thinking about it I was more concerned about it being a bit more artistic than technically good. Before the image is posted the site asked if you would like to do this challenge again. NO! 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Effects of Birth Order on Personality

I kept two papers that I wrote in college. I’m not really sure why. Upon looking at them it’s hard to believe that I researched and actually wrote them, but also had to type them. One of the subjects was a biology lab paper about circadian rhythm. Me and my lab partner stayed up for a 24 hour period to check the chromatophores on fiddler crabs - with and without eyes stocks. What a cruel thing that was. But it was even more cruel to have to stand up in front of the class and esteemed professor and present the findings. The other one was a psychology paper on a subject that I thing I chose myself - the effect of birth order on personality. My assumptions were that first borns would have higher grade point averages and hang out by the biology building and the later borns would have lower grade point averages and hang out by the business building. The bibliography was quite extensive and the footnotes many! I do remember spending a lot of time in the library. Both biology and psychology were prelim required classes for a baccalaureate nursing degree. It was almost fifty years ago! I still am in contact with my biology professor. He was a wonderful mentor and helped me through some high and low times. I even had a summer job washing test tubes in the biology unit building thanks to him. I’m not sure if these papers prepared me for my nursing career. But I guess it’s the process of living through the college years and the people you meet that help you become the person you are. And for that I will be forever grateful. 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Wish We Won the Jackpot

Every once in a while I get melancholic about living in the Midwest. We lived there for thirty years and made many friends and had many more colleagues. I always keep up with available real estate there. Before we actually moved from the Midwest to Capitol Hill we bought the tiny condo there. Little did we know it would become our permanent home soon after I found a job at the Library of Congress. Now there is a place for sale near our old neighborhood that is in an area that we were interested in way back in 2006 when it was first built. My husband says we could afford to get it, but I don’t think so - especially in this unstable environment. We live in northern Virginia now but for whatever reason it just doesn’t feel like home. We just haven’t transformed it in to our place. I suppose the last two years have changed the way I feel about it. We haven’t gone anywhere or seen anyone except for two weekend visits to central Virginia. I’m sure I’ll get over it but there’s always the nagging feeling that we just aren’t settled. For the first time a couple of weeks ago we bought lottery tickets knowing full well we wouldn’t win a billion dollars. These are the days I wish we did. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Vaso’s Kitchen Picnic

It’s been a few weeks since we visited Old Town Alexandria. It’s a town we have been to many times - even before we moved to the DMV. With the weather so beautiful after this last week of torrential rain and high humidity it would be the perfect place for a morning walk. We parked in our usual spot on Queen Street by the park on the Potomac River. Then we walked along the waterfront and then zigzagged in the shady side of the street for several blocks. Since we were in Alexandria it’s always the best time to order pick up lunch from Vaso’s Kitchen. On the way back to the car we stopped in the park under a tree with a lovely view and an even better breeze. It felt like Heaven! Then we ordered our usual stuff, waited a bit more, then walked back to the car and drove over to Vaso’s. The best part is we take the food over to where the airplanes land and take off at Gravelly Point, park the car in the lot, and feast on the pizza. All in all it was a lovely morning, and now we have dinner prepared for tonight with leftovers for tomorrow. 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Phenomenal Lab Work

After a bit of a rough patch last year, my husband went in for his annual exam this week. What he had has been resolved but it took a few months. He is a very healthy person for his age and for that we are very lucky. His biggest issues are allergies of unknown origin and lately a few dental implants. So lab work is always a part of any annual exam. Unfortunately the phlebotomist wasn’t available when he went to the office - which is right across the street. So we set up an appointment for yesterday at Virginia Hospital Center. Even with an appointment we had to wait twenty minutes but all of the paperwork was already completed on line. We found a parking spot right in front and headed to the OP lab. Within the hour the results were already available to check. How things have changed since we were both practicing in health care. Anyway, everything was completely normal except for two items that make no difference - CO2 and vitamin D, and they were hardly off the mark. I don’t know a lot of people who have such great results including myself. So it was a day to celebrate! His doctor said with the way things are with him another ten years wouldn’t be a surprise. Now that’s good news!