Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bolivia Independence Day on the Mall

I didn't know it when we started out on our walk this afternoon, but when we reached the Capitol, we listened to music that reminded us of the sound we heard a lot on the streets of downtown Chicago. It's a magical tune, with flutes and drums. When we approached the scene right in front of the reflecting pool, a wonderfully bright ensemble of all shapes and sizes, dressed in colorful garments and costumes representing Bolivia, were about ready to start a parade. At first we didn't know what the celebration was about exactly, so we asked one of the participants, who couldn't believe we didn't know. It is, or will be soon, Bolivia's Independence Day. The yellow, green, and red colors of the flag were predominant, but the glitter and enthusiasm was in abundance - from both the crowd assembled to watch and the participants anxious to put on a great show. When it was over, we walked past the excitement towards the Mall, and looked at all the different nationalities represented this day. As we passed by them all, my husband commented about what a great place it is here. I think he's right.   

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