Friday, August 16, 2013

The Bees Love It Here at the US Botanical Garden

If you don't have a garden in or near your home on Capitol Hill, there are a lot of options in the neighborhood. We are lucky to have a small patio with primarily a perennial flower bed, and a lot of vegetables this year. The cucumbers and tomatoes have been delicious, and the tiny white buds on the clematis vine are about to shine. Just down the street from us across from the House Office Building near the Capitol grounds is the US Botanical Garden. Each season brings with it a variety of blooms and finery that is hard to find elsewhere. As much as we love to walk through it, sit in one of the many "patio" settings, or listen to and view the magnificent renovated Bartholdi Fountain, there are others that appreciate it even more. The bees hardly notice when you approach the flowery spread of delectable desserts and treats. They hover over the feast with swollen tummies. I'm glad they are transfixed on these delights. And I've learned to appreciate all the small things in life, even if they might sting. 

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