Sunday, August 11, 2013

How Do I Get To My Back Yard?

The long stretches of row houses are a common sight on Capitol Hill. A block worth of three story homes are built one after the other, with no space in between. I've heard stories of common walls getting broken through during a neighbor's renovation! The lucky homes on the ends have more windows and light with the extra wall space. It can be downright dark in your place when you can only have windows on just the front and back. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get things in to your back yard if you don't live on the end. You can always bring it through the front door, but there are some things you may not want to track through the house. Some places have alley ways, but some do not. One clever group of city dwellers created a solution for this dilemma, or perhaps it was a mandated fire and safety requirement. All along the back of one block of homes is a foot path, hardly wide enough for one person to pass. Most of the back yards are fenced in for privacy, and each has a gate open from the footpath to the back yard. It's still a long way from either end if you happen to live in the middle, but I guess it's better than nothing at all. I wonder how many people think about this before they move?

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