Friday, August 30, 2013

Trumpet Vines on Canal Road and Beyond

We had a trumpet vine growing on the north side of our Milwaukee house and were thrilled when one or two orange trumpets actually blossomed. I thought it was an exotic plant. All along Canal Street on the way to Georgetown - and probably everywhere else in the city - are all kinds of vegetation and greenery. It is so dense and lush it feels like being in a jungle. And wouldn't you know, the exotic trumpet vine that I thought was so unusual is growing like a weed all along the way. It is somewhat past the height of the blooming season, but you get the idea. I guess the trumpet vine loves the climate here, along with any other plant. Continuing on Canal Road to the Whitehurst Freeway affords a great view of Arlington and the Bridge. Eventually the path leads to the Potomac River with the Watergate complex and the Kennedy Center in full view, and the Washington Monument peeking out just behind. And those trumpet vines are with us all the way. And to think we paid for this weed? I'd like to think it is still considered an exotic plant - in Milwaukee. 

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