Friday, August 9, 2013

The Patio Bubbling Bird Bath

We have a really nice small patio attached to our Capitol Hill condo.  It is relatively private and allows us to have a garden, with vegetables, and additional space for a shed to store luggage and other things that could never fit in the tiny house. In the center of the garden is a bird bath with a solar panel that the birds love. I think the squirrels do too. But, as solar panels go, this one stopped working after a couple of years. So I dug out the literature, found the source, and ordered another one. Things do continue to improve, and this time the panel was offered with battery storage that has a switch if you want to have the water gurgling after the sun has set. Our old one only worked if there were no clouds in the sky and depended completely on the brightest of sunshine directly overhead. So my husband set the new device up this morning and it turned on immediately. Having been without it for a few weeks made us realize how much we enjoy the sound and the look of it all. Now we can turn it on in the evening too. We are hoping to enjoy it for awhile before the cold weather sets in. We had a couple birdbaths in Milwaukee, but they were not solar powered, and the electrical cord was ugly and inconvenient. It's always the small things that make a difference.

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