Friday, November 8, 2013

Home Depot Big Purchases

It was a day for major purchases so we had to head out to Home Depot. We decided to take the scenic route on the George Washington Parkway towards Mount Vernon. Then we swung back up to the main drag and the busy highway and reached our destination. Everyone is always so helpful at the store. We were in search of a replacement toilet seat and cover. In Milwaukee, we did two major bathroom renovations and used only Kohler products. Here, we just needed a simple replacement. So we had pictures and measurements and had quite a variety to pick from... we couldn't believe how cheap they were! After checking out the assortment we decided on a product from a company in Wisconsin. Close enough! Then we headed to the picture hanging department as I was in need of Velcro to use to hang my dog art at the Wagtime "gallery wall." I use the heavy duty stuff because the portraits are in the front window where it can get very hot or very cold, and so far the Velcro works best on the foam board. The last stop was in the filter department - we needed Britta water pitcher filters. Usually I order them from Amazon because we need so many filters for so many things and try to order them all at the same time, especially since the minimum order amount has increased for free shipping. It wasn't really a day for major purchases, but I feel like we accomplished a great deal in one day! It doesn't take much, and we had a great ride doing it. 

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