Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alexandria Art Show Goes to the Dogs

We went with the intention of taking a walk and looking at the art, but I found myself paying more attention to the dogs, and my husband spent more time looking at the people walking the dogs. There they were...just about any breed you could possibly want to see. You don't need to go to a dog show for this kind of fun. The Alexandria Art Show is held every year on King Street in the heart of Old Town. After the wind and storm of yesterday, it was a welcome relief to be able to get out and about without dying from the humidity. I miss my borzoi, Tatiana, a lot. The little Betta fish, Moby Dick, has quite a personality, but it's not quite the same. When we first moved here, I saw a Borzoi on the corner in Old Town. I like the city for a lot of reasons, and that definitely is one of them.

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