Monday, September 3, 2012

The McLean Adventure

It's so wonderful to be off today! So we decided to run a couple errands and explore McLean, Virginia. The best part is the drive along the George Washington Memorial Parkway. And wouldn't you know there was a red mini convertible right in front of us most of the way. There is this thing about minis in this neighborhood....check out an earlier blog post! Anyway, we got off on highway 123 and headed towards our destination. We usually tend to dine in Alexandria, but thought we'd try something new. To my delight, and my husband's dismay, we ended up at the McLean Family Restaurant - the first thing we came upon. It reminded us both of Ma Fisher's in Milwaukee. It is a typical Greek, cheap, but always busy place. We stopped at the little Potomac Farm Market for some corn and watermelon. It's always got a steady stream of customers. We ended up with a pear the guy really wanted us to try. The Total Wine Store was the real reason for the trip. It's huge, and you can get just about anything, plus cheese, at a significant discount than the grocery stores. The gas price in Georgetown was $5.29 this weekend! And along the way today the prices varied from $4.25 to the deal we found at $3.81. It doesn't take much for us to have a good day - and this was one of them.

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