Friday, September 7, 2012

Every Square Inch Counts

I know it's not a priority for folks to think beyond themselves, but when it comes to parking a little consideration can go a long way. Most of us no longer have the luxury of a driveway or garage so finding and fitting in to a parking space on the street is a daily issue. It never fails that the people who park at the end of the available spots never really park to the end. This leaves several feet of space a big no one can fit in to it, and there is not enough room for another car to squeeze in the middle. Where four cars should fit, only three can. That is the reason I really like mini coopers and smart cars, but that doesn't always solve the problem. We kept our seven year old Subaru because we don't care if it gets dinged and hit, and it is small enough to get in to most places. Not having a car at all helps, but we're not quite ready for that yet, and the zip car stands aren't close enough. I do miss our two car garage and long driveway that we had in Milwaukee, but I don't miss the driving we both had to do to get anywhere. I suppose it's all a matter of priorities, but a little thoughtfulness can work wherever you live.

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