Monday, September 10, 2012

Thanks Tommy Wells

It's been a few months since a few transportation and parking issues were reported to Tommy Wells office. There was a free stretch of parking along first street for about 10 vehicles, the traffic lights were out of sync creating a set up for several near miss accidents, and residential permit parking passes - for guest visitors- were long overdue in spite of many calls to DOT. Today, it was wonderful to see the bank of new signs that were posted on the lamp posts along first street for pay to park with zone 6 permit exemptions. The out of state cars parked along here all had the new purple visitor parking permits posted on their dashboards. I'm not sure how legitimate that is, but time will tell. One person was parked almost on top of the fire hydrant and was ticketed. There were also several permit 6 folks in the space, which is the way it should be! I'm not sure if the traffic lights are in sync, but two out of the three issues have been resolved. We also received our new residential visitor permit passes. I have heard a lot of good things about Tommy Wells, and his office has restored my faith in some of our elected officials. I'd like to take credit for generating revenue for the city and allowing folks in our neighborhood first dibs at parking around here. The guy who owns the parking garage is also grateful for this effort. We've become friends over this subject.

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