Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's That Time of Year (to change the filter)

It is an acrobatic procedure to get at the places that house the filters in our building. I always hate it when it has to be done because it generally is a two person affair. The filters can only be reached by ladder, hidden way up in the ceiling and closets. One of them is actually above the bathtub. The top shelf needs to be emptied out in order to pull down the panel. In Wisconsin, we just had to walk down to the basement and make the change...and better yet, also had an annual service come out and do the annual check up. We did however, have a weird second air conditioning unit that was located way up in a crawl space that could only be accessed by a very large service ladder up in to the garage ceiling. That was actually quite the nightmare now that I think of it. I suppose this sort of thing is a pain regardless of where you live, but it needs to be done - if you are the responsible type.

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