Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Best Garden on Capitol Hill

It is but once a year that the white clematis vine blooms for about the whole month of September. We had one in Milwaukee in front of the house strung along on a decorative fence. The vine was trimmed many times over the summer and keeps coming back in full force. The little petunia in the container did its part to add a little color to the greenery. And the myrtles are doing their thing too. The cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant were disappointments and we are hoping for a better season next year. This little space gives us so much enjoyment, and we know it is a rare arrangement for a condominium here on the Hill. It also gives us extra storage because of the great shed we had custom built to fit the east wall. In order to view most of the space, I tried out the 360 photo app and it works really well! This secret garden is not as big as the one acre in Milwaukee, and we started this one from scratch. And the growing season is so much longer here. The birds love the solar birdbath, and we definitely enjoy the company.

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