Sunday, April 14, 2019

Container Store Shoe Rack

We had a California closet in our Midwest bedroom. We also had a tiny version of California closets installed in our tiny condo on Capitol Hill. We just moved to a really nice - and new - condo in Virginia. It’s just 1000 square feet so we still need to maximize space. Luckily our bedroom closet is quite large. We need to use it for our clothes, but also for laundry shelves, and all other storage. I managed to figure out how to organize it using a rolling cart I used for an additional clothes rack, and two other rolling carts we used in our storage closet. But what I didn’t have was a shoe rack. We stored our shoes in the shoe bag that was nailed to the back of a door as well as inside the entryway hall closet enclosed bench. So yesterday we went to the container store to pick up a couple of three tier shoe racks - one for each of us. They were easy to assemble and worked very nicely as they can expand to the desired width. Although nothing is covered at least everything looks relatively neat. We are also trying to make a habit of walking only with slippers in the house to keep things clean. That may be more of a challenge. 

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