Sunday, July 3, 2016

3M Filtrete Air Filters are EXPENSIVE

In Milwaukee our air conditioning system was easier to access...the original unit was in the basement and the other unit was in the attic above the tandem garage that was turned in to a tv room and mud room. This old building another story. Both units are located in the ceiling - one above the bathtub - and until last month, were near impossible to reach. They still are, but after spending a mint on replacing some parts, all we have to do to replace the filters is to insert them on top of the drop down hatch rather than near any equipment. The repair folks gave us the filter measurements and we listened to them without checking ourselves. Of course, one of the sizes was wrong, but we are too lazy to go back and exchange it, since we opened the package. We went to Frager's in the neighborhood to get the filters, and they had them all right. But we didn't realize there were so many different kinds to choose from, and ended up with three different ones, only by chance and dictated by available sizes. One unit now has a recirculating system with just our air, while the other unit recirculates the building air... that's the problem living in an 1890's building. There is not a lot of control over your HVAC system. But what surprised us both was that it cost $70 for four filters! I don't remember them being so expensive... Plus you need to change them every three months. I don't know how people pay for all this stuff when you add in all the other routine expenses of daily living. Maybe we are just paying more attention to it since I retired. In the end, I'd like to know if any of this really does anything. 

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