Monday, July 18, 2016

A Care Package From Milwaukee

It would be a long ride back to DC from Milwaukee, and we wanted to get an early start. So we would be skipping breakfast and get right down to it. We generally try to return in a day, rather than stay at a motel along the way. Going out is one thing, but coming back is another. We lived in Milwaukee for thirty years and whenever we visit, we stay at our old next door neighbor's place, right next to our old home. That had advantages and disadvantages, but it's always a very nice time. Since we were leaving early, our hosts made up a surprise care package for us. It included two coffee mugs filled with coffee, cinnamon buns, and fruit. We ended up having coffee there before leaving, and took along the rest of the treats. It was a very thoughtful thing to do and we took full advantage of the contents, including the napkins and hand wipes, not long after we left. The fruit hit the spot somewhere in Indiana, and we sparingly finished off the cinnamon buns right before our arrival home around midnight. Whenever we visit Milwaukee and visit our friends and colleagues it makes us wonder why we moved. I suppose as long as we are able to travel about back and forth it's a nice getaway for all concerned. But I don't know how many care packages any one else would get. It's nice to know folks for long periods of time. It's the small things that matter most.  

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