Saturday, July 2, 2016

DC Motor Vehicle Registration and Parking Permit

In Wisconsin we had a two car garage and a long driveway. We never worried about parking. Things are much different here in DC. Yes, you had to register your car, but you didn't have to pay for the privilege of parking in the street somewhere near your house - if you're lucky. I envy anyone who has a garage around here. Luckily we can usually find something close by, but you need to be adept at parallel parking. I'm so sorry our new subaru doesn't have that function! So today we decided we better put the new parking sticker on the front left lower windshield as the old one expires this month. It's always a tricky business, and we had our scraper with the cutting blade to help. With the holiday weekend the neighborhood is a ghost town. All he locals leave and that means ample parking. I suppose it could be worse. But I still wish we had our own driveway and garage. It's just one more thing to think about. 

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