Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hampton Inn Exercise Room

We always stay at Hampton Inns when we travel. And that was the case on a recent trip to Wisconson. We oftentimes travel the entire distance in one day - 800 miles in 14 hours - on the way back. We don't particularly care to stay in motels. We can't sleep in them, but we love the drive. Since I retired, we've been walking about three miles every morning, doing a half hour of exercise, and also twenty minutes of stationary bicycling. But when we aren't at home, something gives and we just don't keep up with this routine. I always used to wonder why people had to have an exercise room while traveling. Now I get it, but still prefer the open road for walking. So when we stopped in LaPorte Indiana, we headed right to the exercise room. Since we are not familiar with either the equipment or the "room" we don't use it correctly. I didn't realize the air conditioning wasn't on until after we were done - it was just hot! And the equipment needs to be set up to your liking. But we are learning. At least I had the right shoes on for it. Neither one of us lasted as long as we liked. And I was glad no one else was in the room with us. Now that we are back home, we are trying to reestablish our routine, but it's taking awhile in the 90 plus degree heat. One of these days we may just walk in the Library of Congress air conditioning rather than outside. In Wisconsin it was the ice and snow; here it is the heat and humidity. The exercise room is taking on a whole new meaning. 

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