Friday, August 12, 2016

Marvin Hamlisch at the Library of Congress

Every once in awhile, we walk through the Library of Congress to attend programs that we have an interest in the subject matter. Lately, we have been using it to stay out of the heat and get in a walk through the underground tunnels that extend to the Capitol Visitor Center. I retired from there six months ago, and one of the departments that I dealt with was responsible for renovations, construction, and space planing. When the Marvin Hamlisch collection was donated to the Library, they had to find a place to showcase the materials. So they ended up in the beautiful Jefferson Building next to the Coolidge Auditorium, where the Gershwin prize winner poster sits. There is a summary of his life, his works, and his awards, and in the cases are Grammy, Oscar, Tony, Emmy, and Pulitzer Prize awards. They look very different close up! Everyone has heard something that Marvin Hamlisch touched. Being an employee, we even had an opportunity to see Gershwin winner concerts for free - a nice perk - including Billy Joel and Wiilie Nelson. So as we passed by the collection, it reminded me of the people I worked with, and the impact this particular individual had on American culture. That's one thing very different about working for the federal government here in DC compared to my thirty years in health care in the Midwest. 

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