Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Postcard from Viet Nam

In June we travelled to Buckinghamshire, England to visit with an old classmate (of my husband) and his wife. My husband had not seen his friend for about 45 years. I had never been to England, so it was a treat. And everyone spoke English, which was even more of a treat. Speaking English has not usually been the case on past visits to Iran and France when we have visited with family and friends. Our English friends mentioned that they would be taking a trip to Viet Nam in the fall with our mutual friends from France. Yesterday we received a postcard in the mail from them. We have an offer to join them in Spain in the spring, but we also have tentatively planned another England trip with some of our American friends in July. Too many options! If I wasn't working full time, it might be easier to decide. I simply don't have that kind of vacation time. All of these folks are retired, which is something I'd like to be one of these days. In the meantime I keep thinking the world keeps getting smaller. Our handyman is from Viet Nam, I work with people from all over the planet at the library, and we have relatives in Sweden, Denmark, and Canada. Why didn't we get all these invitations when I had weeks of vacation to use in Milwaukee?

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