Friday, November 30, 2012

War of the Roses Heating Blanket

One of the primary reasons we moved from Wisconsin to DC was to escape the almost all year round winter. But because of the antiquated heating system and poorly insulated windows in this 1890's building, it feels as cold here as it did up North. And to no one's surprise, there is an ongoing argument about me being too cold and my husband being too hot. So for all those reasons, I decided to finally stay warm this winter and get a heated blanket with sleeves. It arrived just yesterday and I am thrilled with the prospect of snuggling in to this soft fleece "garment" and plugging the sucker in. The extension cord is long enough to make it work. I really don't think the heater option will last very long, but having the extra blanket around is a good thing. It sort of matches the decor and could come in handy if the real heat source quits - which has happened. You could even call it a fashion statement if looking like a Monk had any relevance today. My little Betta fish Moby Dick even has a heater in his fish bowl to stay warm and toasty. And If he has one, then I definitely should too.

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