Saturday, November 10, 2012

McLean Family Restaurant - Jon Huntsman and Liz Crensahw

Awhile back we found a restaurant in McLean that reminds us of a very similar place in Milwaukee. This one is called McLean Family Restaurant. The one in Milwaukee was Ma Fisher's. It feels like everyone knows everyone else there, and occasionally someone we recognize is sitting right next to us. We saw Liz Crenshaw there a couple weeks ago. it reminded me of the time we saw the weatherman, Paul Joseph, at the movie theater in Milwaukee. Today, as we were escorted to our table, my husband pointed out someone he recognized immediately. He recognizes everyone - he has people radar. I thought I knew who he was, but it took a minute to remember. We both watched all the presidential debates starting almost two years ago, as we do every election season - even before we moved here. A young man and his mother were talking to Jon Huntsman, who was trying to have lunch with his wife and two of his daughters. It must be tough to go anywhere that someone recognizes you. I remember Mr. Huntsman in particular because he seemed like a nice guy. And maybe we'll be hearing more about him. And I can say I saw him in McLean Family Restaurant.

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