Monday, November 26, 2012

Kabob Bazaar

Every Sunday evening we go out to dinner. You could say I am getting my head on straight for the upcoming workweek. But in reality, we usually don't do a lot during the day and it is an excuse to get out of the house. One of our favorite places is Kabob Bazaar. There is one restaurant located in Clarendon, and another one in or near Bethesda. Depending on the weather, and the desire to travel more or less miles, either place is really good. And the reason is because we know the wait staff and managers really well and feel quite welcome there. And best of all, there are always plenty of leftovers, which makes for easy decision making on the "what's for dinner" query. We always get the same things... eggplant dishes, both soup and appetizer for the delicious bread, Greek salad, some peppery yogurt, and of course kabob and a chicken dish simmered in tomato base and spices that melts in your mouth. And don't forget the rice. The food is very healthy and excellent. For take out we like Moby Dick, and have been waiting a long time for a new location on 8th Street SE. I'm still looking for a good Polish restaurant around here and have had little luck finding one. We used to frequent both Polish and Iranian restaurants in Chicago and Milwaukee. So in the meantime, Mrs. T's pierogies will have to do.

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