Monday, November 19, 2012

Cuisinart Keurig One Cup at a Time Brewer

When we visited friends in England, my husband was enamored with their Nespresso coffee maker. When we came home, we checked it out at Williams-Sonoma and decided we weren't quite up to either the price or finding the replacement cartridges. Our son and daughter in law have a Cuisinart brand that they just got after doing a little kitchen remodeling. That seemed more reasonable because we are pretty much regular coffee, tea, and hot water drinkers. I'm really not any if the above, but my husband really enjoys coffee and tea. And these K cups can be found in the local grocery store, so ordering on line was not necessary. We checked the Keurig models in Macy's and decided on a smaller version, which would suit us well. We also got the drawer that can be placed under the appliance to store all the different teas and coffees that you get in the initial variety pack and beyond. It's taken a couple tries to finally get it right, but it does work nicely. The instructions for operating it are kept nearby just in case. Here is an example of another new gimmick we fell for, but at least we did a little bit of homework first, and got it on sale to boot.

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