Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend and the Exxon Gas Station in Washington DC

Usually the focus is on Rolling Thunder this weekend, but it's just not that appealing to me. Milwaukee has a direct connection with Harley Davidson. And I don't mind not having much to do with all the noise and the hoopla. But you can't miss all the motorcycles parked near the Viet Nam Memorial area and zooming around all over town. As we rode down Independence Avenue there is always something happening on the Lincoln Memorial steps...I'll take those two dogs! The World War II Memorial is always crowded this time of year. The Washington Monument is now totally covered with scaffolding and the real work to repair the earthquake damage begins. Everyone wants to see the White House, and the National Museum of African American History will become a part of the landscape in 2015. On our way home, someone driving next to us on the very congested Constitution Avenue asked where they could find a gas station. Rather than give directions we told him to follow us and we'd take him to one in our neighborhood. They were from Port Royal, Virginia and were so very grateful for the help. When we reached our destination, they said they can't believe how anyone can live - and drive - in such a crowded place. It reminded me that not everyone has a NUVI or electronic device to guide them, and we were more than happy to be of help. And that is the BIG difference between Milwaukee and DC.

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