Monday, July 24, 2017

Ethan Allen Couch Pillow Feathers

We had all Ethan Allen furniture in our midwest home. Our designer was wonderful to work with as we went room by room to finish the whole house, including a tandem garage space that was turned in to a lovely TV room with a gas fireplace. Then we moved to DC from this 2500 square foot space to a tiny 500 square door space. After three years we added a studio apartment across the hall for more breathing room, storage, and additional bathroom for a grand total of 1000 square feet of living space.   So we wanted an Ethan Allen couch for the studio apartment that was small enough to accommodate a Murphy bed when it was open. I am not in love with this couch. We have had it about a year and a half. It's not long enough to lie down on completely, the back is too high, and the depth requires a pillow behind your back to sit comfortably. And the two small pillows it came with are driving us crazy. Every night we scoop up a handful of feathers that are pulled out because they stick you in the back, or are just sticking out of the pillow. I'm not sure what material is used to make these pillows, but there should be a better solution. I miss my Midwest comfy couch and the Crate and Barrel king sofa bed behemoth that this couch replaced.  I didn't have to deal with flying and irritating feathers either.

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